Stand Firm On These 5 Wedding Choices For THE Happiest Day Of Your Life

One of the biggest problems with weddings that everyone that has tied the knot is an expert on what you should do. Then there is everyone else and their uncle, who, even if they have never been married themselves think it’s perfectly fine to give you advice about the biggest day of your life. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a little advice, but if you listen to enough of it, you will probably realize that there is no one right way to do anything and it really all comes down to what is important and meaningful for you. With that in mind check out my advice below on the five choices, you shouldn’t let yourself be influenced on for the happiest day of your life.

Your vows

A lot of folks tend to have a firm view on vows. Perhaps this is because they are seen as one of the most important parts of the wedding service? It is where you promise yourself to your partner and vice versa. Then there is all that stuff about obeying and submitting, something that if you ask me, a personal choice and shouldn’t involve anyone else, anyway.

Then you have the fact that writing your own vows is something that is incredibly popular at the moment. Doing it, this way can be incredibly meaningful, although the choice to write your own can put a lot of pressure on an already stressed bride and groom.

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That means if the thought of having to read some of your most intimate thoughts about your other half in front of everyone you know breaks you out in a cold sweat, then it might just be the right choice to go with the traditional ones instead. After all, they are no less meaningful because you haven’t written them yourself, as it the intention behind them. Doing it that way can also save you a load of stress, no matter what everyone else thinks you should do.

Your dress

For the bride is there anything more important that the choice of dress that she makes for her big day? Of course, she wants to look amazing both for herself and her new husband, but the significance of the wedding dress goes far beyond just being a nice outfit.

In fact, the wedding dress is a symbol of that transition between being single and being married, and it often represents all the hope that she has for the future of the relationship in an abstract way. That is why many brides like to spend a lot of money on their dress, as it reassures them that they will be valued and that their needs will be considered in the partnership.

Unfortunately, the area is often the one in which you can receive the most advice or even resistance from friends and loved ones. Sometimes it is because they are difficult, but for the most part, it’s just that they have a different picture in their head of how they imagined you to look on your wedding day.

They might see you in a full Cinderella number with crystals, while you like a classier vintage look like the gowns available from Ronald Joyce Victorian wedding dresses and other stores like it. Luckily, often, a quiet word, or even just seeing how you shine in your dress is enough to convince them that the ultimate decision should be left up to you.

Your dress is such a personal thing, try not to be influenced by friends and family. Picture source

Although, if push comes to shove, you are the bride. That means you vote has the veto over all others, so stick to your guns, as you are the one that will be wearing it anyway!

The location

Friends and family are also likely to weigh in with opinions and advice on the location of the wedding ceremony and reception. You will find this particularly the case if you all attend a certain church, or if you are looking at going away and having a destination wedding.

Destination weddings can make a great choice, as long as its what you want. Image source

Unfortunately, no matter what your choice they will always be some people that have their noses put out because the location you picked isn’t the most convenient to them. Of course, great aunt Gertrude in Canada would like you to get married there. However, as the rest of you live in Nevada and have been going to the same church for years, it only makes sense to let them host the ceremony. Just remember to hold firm and do what is right for you, and eventually, most people will come around to the idea.

The guest list

Now, leaving out the wrong people from your wedding guest list is sure to bring down a barrage of opinions and recommendations. However, once again this is definitely an area that you should stand firm in.

This is because it’s likely you have invited, and not invited, certain guests for a reason. A reason that is of value for you, especially if you have a limited number of spaces and more guests on the list than you need to fill them.  

After all, weddings are rarely cheap affairs, in fact, they can run into tens of thousands of dollars. Something that means if you are concerned that someone will not behave themselves, or make you feel uncomfortable you are totally within your right not to invite them to your special day.

The color scheme

If bossy bridesmaids are a problem, you may find yourself being swayed on the color scheme for your wedding. Unfortunately, this happens all too often, especially when the bridal entourage decide that they want or don’t want a specific color because it doesn’t look good on them.

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Now, it is sensible here to listen to the majority, because if they all hate it there will be lots of long faces on the morning of the wedding and that is not what you want at all! However, if it’s just one person throwing their weight around or being awkward, it’s important that you not let them derail your day and prevent you from having the wedding that you truly want.


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