Speaking The Language Of Love With Your Wedding Flowers


One of the biggest expenses for a wedding is the fresh flowers. Florists make an absolute killing when it comes to wedding flowers, and it’s one of the big ticket items in the budget for any engaged couple. A church, ceremony room or chapel that is filled with beautifully bright blooms that smell exotic will turn the head of any guest to a wedding. There is an immediate smile on the face of anyone who sees sprays of wedding flowers set up and ready for the day.

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I’ve a little bit of a history lesson for you today, because flowers play such a huge part in a wedding that they just can’t be ignored. So much is said with flowers. We apologise with them. We give sympathies with them and ultimately, we show how much we love with them. Back in the Victorian era, a language of flowers was created. Flowers were always used to send a coded message to a lover; speaking without saying a word. Very romantic, right? The language behind the flowers may be a little traditional and old-fashioned, but it still holds some weight now with wedding planners and savvy brides. You can ask your particular wedding planner to plan your flowers according to the Victorian language of flowers, and you can check their site to see whether they offer a flower service at all. There is so much that gets said with wedding flowers, and if you really want to have a big impact while whispering sweet nothings to your groom, how about checking out these flower options to see if you can pour your own hidden messages into your wedding day?

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Lily Of The Valley. Not to be confused with funeral lilies, Lily of the Valley has always been a symbol of happiness, luck and purity. They’re a popular wedding flower, especially since Kate Middleton had them in her wedding bouquet.

Tulips. A firm favourite for most brides, you need to choose wisely when it comes to the colours of your tulips. As a whole, they represent happy years and consuming love, but did you know that yellow tulips mean hopeless devotion, while red tulips cry out a declaration of pure love? You should choose the colour that speaks to you the most.

Freesia. A popular wedding flower, the freesia is dainty and small. It symbolises innocence and friendship, and if you’re going to tie your life to someone else, friendship is so important.

Camellia. An absolutely ideal bloom for a bridal bouquet, the camellia means steadfastness and excellence. The colour white shows adoration, loveliness and a touch of perfection, which is why it makes a gorgeous addition to a bouquet.

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Your flowers can say all the things that the lump in your throat is stopping you from saying. Your wedding is your entrance into the world as a married couple and adorning the chapel and the reception in the right flowers can make a huge difference to the way that you are perceived. Not to mention, your entire wedding will smell sublime.


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