Should We Pop The Question To Him?


Tradition is one of those things that we either choose to go with, or we decide to ignore. When we are looking to get married to someone, and we’ve found the right person for us, but they haven’t popped the question, do we wait it out or do we pop the question ourselves? It seems to be an interesting topic of discussion, because not only does it highlight the fact that women are doing this more, but it points out that we should take control of a situation if we are onto a sure thing. But how much are you willing to part with tradition for the sake of being engaged?

If They Say Yes, Do They Have To Buy You A Ring?

As far as tradition is concerned, the man gets down on one knee and presents a ring, but now, with numerous same-sex couples getting married, should tradition be completely done away with? But it depends on you if you are determined to be engaged, and you popped the question, does this mean you should have a ring? Of course, you may want to just buy one yourself, if they say yes, there are numerous engagement rings out there of varying styles to suit everyone’s tastes, and if you pop the question, you can, at the very least, choose one that is perfect for you, rather than hoping they’ve got the ideal ring for you. And at least, with many providers, like the Love & Promise halo engagement rings, you can customize it to your own specifications. So, by popping the question yourself, not only are you taking the initiative but if you still want that ring, then you can get the exact one you want.

It Can Be A Make Or Break Situation

It happens a lot, people are in relationships, and they end up getting married because they’ve been together for a long time, but a lot of people view the woman asking a man to marry them as a sign that the man isn’t going to do it. From your perspective, if you want your significant other to ask you, then maybe you should provide the hints, and go down the traditional route. But if you don’t care about tradition, by asking them to marry you, not only is it bucking the trend, but you may not actually get the answer you want. In which case, by taking the initiative and doing it yourself may actually have saved you years of stagnation. While this might not prove to be the outcome you desire, at the very least, by asking them to marry you, this throws up the question of how well your relationship is actually doing.

It’s The 21st Century!

Amazingly, there are still so many people bound by tradition and stereotypes, that they feel that it’s not their place to do the proposing, and it should be the man’s job. But, we are in 2018! We fought for equality, and amazingly, there are still numerous examples of a very distinct lack of equality in so many areas of life. But a relationship is all about equality, the man and woman, woman and woman, man and man, binary and non-binary, all have equal footing. So it’s amazing that we’re even debating whether a woman even has the right to pop the question, of course, they do! While a small percentage of women pop the question, this shouldn’t be taken as a sign that their partners are slow on the upkeep. In this world, if we want something, we should go and get it. If we love someone, and we want to marry them, why don’t we ask them?

So if you’re considering asking your partner to marry you, but there’s something holding you back, maybe you should think about asking them. It’s not just because you are impatient, but you are taking control, you’re demanding equality, and you are chasing after what you want. It doesn’t need to be a complex debate about whether a woman should do it or not, but if you love someone and you want to marry them, why don’t you just go for it? Besides, if you are looking to claim something as a feminist statement, this would be one of the greatest. On the other hand, if you don’t want to be that grandiose about it, it’s a very simple way for you to exert some control over the situation. There’s no time to waste feeling down because you haven’t been asked, if you want to pop the question, it is your moment!


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