Seasonal Flowers You Have To Consider On Your Wedding Day

We can all be a little naive when we start planning a wedding. At first, we may think it’s a piece of cake. The decisions come easy, and the budget isn’t spiralling out of control. However, that tends to be right at the beginning. Once you get into wedding planning things can go a little crazy and overwhelming. Decisions can be tough ones to make, and you hope that what you do decide is the right thing for you and your husband to be. All in all, every bride gets to the wedding day in one piece and has an amazing day.

So what are the biggest obstacles in the wedding planning journey? The venue is a big decision, and so is the logistical side when it comes to transport and accommodation. But for many brides, the one thing they all have in common is being clueless when it comes to flowers. We can’t all be an expert. Which is why it’s always worth doing plenty of research online at websites like However, I thought I would share with you a quick guide to seasonal flowers. I hope it serves as a good foundation to build on.

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Winter wedding

Winter weddings can be stunning. Especially if you get a day where there’s snow or frost on the ground. It can add to the styling of your day. Often when brides hold a wedding during these months, their theme is centred around winter. When it comes to the flowers, a good idea is to stick to whites and ivory colors. The ones that could be in the season would be an Amaryllis, Calla lily or a Tulip. All offering different color options but would look magnificent in white or ivory. A nice winter touch is to add a few gem accents to the flower arrangements. They can glisten as they capture the light.

Summer wedding

If you are getting married during the peak season of summer, then you have a wonderful array of flowers to choose from. Often brides consider a more colorful scheme. Pink tends to be a popular choice. The flowers you may want to consider would be a Hydrangea, Sunflower or a Daisy. Many brides choose to wrap their bouquets in a colorful ribbon to further enhance their color scheme choices.

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Spring wedding

If you are getting married in the spring, then you also have many different flowers to choose from. During these months brides tend to stick with more pastel shades and less overwhelming color options. Some of the flowers you could consider would be the Daffodil, Hyacinth, or something more unusual like a Peony.

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Fall wedding

Fall weddings can be so pretty. You get those earth color tones coming through with browns, oranges, and greens. Of course, many picturesque pictures will feature some fallen leave on the floor. But the flower choice can also enhance that fall imagery. Consider things like a Coxcomb, Cosmos, or an Orchid.

Thankfully, some flowers are available all year round and tend to feature heavily in many weddings. The more popular choices would be the Rose, Gerbera, Chrysanthemum, and Lisianthus. There is more inspiration online at websites like I hope this has provided you with some inspiration.
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