Revealed: 6 Things No-One Will Tell You About Planning A Wedding

There is no denying that getting married is one of the most exciting and important milestones in anyone’s life. The only downside, of course, is planning the wedding! Sure, some people might think it’s going to be a fun and problem-free experience. But, if you’ve never planned anything so momentous in your life before, you could well be in for a shock!

Okay, so perhaps I am over-dramatizing things a little. It’s still possible to have fun when you get the various aspects of your wedding planned out. The thing is, there are some facts that people will seldom tell you about during the time. So, if you want to stay one step ahead of things and have a trouble-free wedding, you need to read these six important points!

Revealed: 6 Things No-One Will Tell You About Planning A WeddingImage Source

  1. It takes just as long to plan a casual wedding as it does a fancy one

You might be thinking to yourself that a simple wedding with just a few family members and friends isn’t going to be a big deal, right? Wrong! Even the most casual of weddings will still need a lot of planning and thought. This isn’t going to be a five-minute planning exercise!

  1. You don’t have to plan your reception down to the last detail

After the wedding, you and your guests will naturally want to celebrate your big day by having a massive party afterwards! The reception, as it is known, is “that” party and happens soon after the ceremony. The good news is you don’t need to take care of all the little details of your reception. Just pay someone else to do it for you! Websites like can offer some real help for the occasion.

  1. Don’t assume people know what you’re talking about

Let’s say that you want full control over every aspect of your wedding and reception. You might specify that you’d like to have a classic event, but that’s a very subjective word! You need to explain precisely what you want otherwise you could get a possibly unwelcome surprise! Showing suppliers and venue organizers things like mood boards and photos can help you reduce the risk of confusion.

  1. You will turn into a stress-head

You only have one shot at making the big day a roaring success. But, there’s always the worry in the back of your mind that your wedding could turn into a disaster! As such, you will spend almost all your time worrying and stressing out about the proceedings.

Revealed: 6 Things No-One Will Tell You About Planning A WeddingImage Source

      5. Your budget will go out the windowUnless you are having a shotgun wedding, you will need to budget for all your expenses. What most people won’t reveal to you as someone new to organizing a wedding is that you WILL blow your budget! With that in mind, make sure you’ve got an emergency reserve of cash (or a credit card) just in case! Check out to get some idea of what you’re likely to shell out for your big day.

  1. Everyone thinks they can plan your wedding better than you

Last, but not least, try not to kill anyone that suggests how you could “improve” certain aspects of your wedding planning. Everyone has an opinion, and many people won’t be shy about voicing theirs when it comes to organizing your wedding!

Good luck for the big day!