Putting Your Own Stamp On Your Wedding Plans: How To Add A Personal Touch

Every couple that is planning a wedding wants their celebration to be special. We all strive to plan a day that will be memorable, but how can you make your big day unique? If you’re in the throes of wedding planning, and you’re looking for inspiration to put your own stamp on your plans and add a personal touch, here are some incredible ideas. 

Get creative with your invites and save the date cards

If you’re planning a wedding, and you’re keen to ensure that it’s original and different from the outset, it’s a great idea to start with the save the date cards and invites. In days gone by, it was the done thing to stick to a template and send out formal invitations that all had the same font and used similar wording. Today, there’s scope to get creative with custom wedding invitations. You can set the tone and give away ideas about your theme from day one, designing bespoke creations that celebrate your personality and offer an insight into what your day will be like. You can follow a conventional theme for a traditional gathering, or opt for something quirky if you fancy something a little different. Invitations that mimic flight tickets, passports or boarding cards are an excellent option for destination weddings, while concert tickets make a perfect template for festival weddings and celebrations organized by music lovers. You can also run with this idea if you have a unique venue like an outdoor circus tent or an old theater, for example. 

Choosing a venue that crosses all the boxes on your list

If you asked a group of people to name a list of popular wedding venues, you’d probably end up with a handful of ideas that include hotels, restaurants, country houses and banquet halls. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing one of these venues, and there are many reasons why these locations are a popular choice for couples, but there are other options. The range of venues is increasing all the time, and it’s beneficial to explore ideas and think outside of the box if you feel like you’d like to tie the knot somewhere different. Think about the bullet points you have on your dream venue list, and spend some time looking at locations and visiting places to see what they offer. Today, you can host a wedding reception almost anywhere. Whether you fall in love with an old warehouse, a concert hall, a ranch or a woodland clearing, it’s crucial that you make a decision based on your own preferences.

When you’re looking for potential contenders for wedding venues, use the Internet to research, and be open-minded. It’s worth taking the time to book viewings and explore ideas before making a decision. Often, it’s difficult to get a feel for a place by browsing photos and looking at images from other people’s weddings. You might find that you experience a reaction you weren’t expecting when you actually see a venue in the flesh. 

It’s also worth noting when you are weighing up the pros and cons of different locations and trying to find a venue that you can take a blank canvas and personalize your wedding venue. If you have a room, a marquee hire or a field, for example, there are endless possibilities. Some couples prefer to take this approach, rather than hiring out a purpose-built wedding venue.

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Planning your outfits

One of the most exciting elements of planning your wedding is deciding what to wear. Many of us have a vision in mind, but when it comes down to actually choosing the outfit of your dreams, it’s important to take your time and be open to ideas. Even if you think you know exactly what you want, you may be surprised at how you feel when you see other designs or you start trying gowns or suits on. You may want to go down the traditional route and try on princess and mermaid dresses, but if this isn’t your style, and you’d rather wear a jumpsuit, a knee-length dress or a trouser suit, you shouldn’t feel pressured to conform with the status quo. Try different styles and ensembles, and see how you feel. You can also mix and match accessories to add interest to understated dresses and give traditional gowns a modern twist. It’s critical that you feel confident on your big day. Putting an outfit together offers an opportunity to design a look that celebrates your personal style, your relationship and the day itself. If that means wearing trainers with a dress, swapping a tux for a tweed suit or wearing matching wellies for a festival wedding in a field, run with it. 

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Naming your tables

A basic numbering system will work well for any wedding, but your table plan offers another perfect opportunity to personalize your big day. You can use anything from places you’ve been and bands you love to your favorite wines or fashion houses to distinguish your tables and direct your guests in the right direction. Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can use it to inspire the design of your table plan and name cards. If you’ve traveled the world with your partner, for example, you could use luggage tags printed with the destination name to mark your tables and a world map as your table plan. If you’ve gone down a musical route, you could print and frame the lyrics to a chosen song for each table. 

Unique place cards and favors

If you don’t mind spending a little time on your place cards, and you’re a creative person, designing unique, personalized cards for each guest is a fabulous idea. You could write a short poem for each person based on your relationship with them or put a photo of you together at each setting. You can also add a personal touch with your favors. Add a bespoke sticker with your names and your wedding date to bags of sweets or chocolates, miniature bottles of spirits or wine, bath salts or pots of honey. 

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Writing your own vows

When it comes to taking your vows, you have two main options. You can choose to use set vows, or you can write your own. Many people like the traditional vows, but it’s becoming increasingly commonplace to create bespoke lines to say on your wedding day. It can be daunting to speak aloud in front of a room full of people, especially when you’ve written your vows, but there’s something very special about putting pen to paper when you’re head over heels in love with somebody and you’re looking forward to the happiest day of your lives together so far. With this option, you can say whatever you want to say and you can take the chance to speak from your heart and tell your partner how you feel about them in front of your closest friends and family. 

Putting together a personalized playlist

Once the I do’s are over, you’ve enjoyed your first meal as a married couple, and you’ve toasted your new spouse, it’s time to get the party started and get everyone on the dance floor. When you’re reading magazines and articles about weddings, you’ll probably come across lists of popular wedding music and first dance classics. While it’s great to take inspiration from other people, the playlist should be personal to you. Choose songs that you love, music that means something to you and tunes that will ensure your guests enjoy dancing the night away. Think about trips that you’ve taken with friends, family parties and special occasions and design a soundtrack that will cater to your guest list at the same time as celebrating your personal taste. There’s nothing like the feeling of leaping around with your nearest and dearest while the music is blaring and everyone is reminiscing about hilarious or sentimental times in the past. These special moments will create new memories that will stay with you forever. If you’re feeling bold, and you’ve got the moves, you could also consider putting a routine together for your first dance or getting your bridal party together to perform on the night. If this idea does appeal to you, make sure you have plenty of time to rehearse and practice before showtime. 

Every couple wants their wedding day to be memorable. We all want to wake up the morning after the night before beaming from ear to ear, and we dream of having our guests wax lyrical about the best wedding they’ve ever been to. One of the best ways to plan an incredible wedding is to put your own stamp on your big day. Don’t be afraid to buck trends and be original. Design a day that celebrates your relationship and have fun. From customized invitations, bespoke favors and table names, and choosing a quirky venue to planning unique outfits and encouraging everyone to boogie to the songs you love the most, there are myriad ways you can put your stamp on your wedding plans. 


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