Pull Off A Minimalist Wedding: The Newest Wedding Trend

It’s no secret that people are looking to become more minimalist. We see it all over the place in interior decor. There’s a desire for people to simplify their lives and rid themselves of all the clutter that’s lying around their homes, doing nothing. Now though, the trend has spread to weddings too. Young couples don’t want all of the frills and the fancy decor. Instead, some are opting for a more minimalist approach. Simplicity makes things beautiful.

Do you want a minimalist wedding? Take a look at some of these ideas.

Keep Your Dress Minimalist

off shoulder wedding gownPexels

Some wedding dresses are pretty extravagant with their enormous trains. But there’s no need to go to these extremes according to Chelsea Roy, a wedding planner from Texas. She says that the best wedding dresses are often those which are the most minimalist. She recommends using flowing fabrics and then decorating with lace and chiffon. There’s no need, she says, to go beyond this, especially if you want that minimalist appeal. For the bridesmaids, she suggests skipping things like statement belts and necklaces. The simplicity of their attire should speak for itself.

Pick A Venue With Character

beach wedding venueWikimedia Commons

Minimalism isn’t just about making everything white and plain: it’s also about using features that are already out there in the natural world. One of the reasons why wedding decor gets out of hand is because the venue itself is dull. Conference halls and pubs usually need a lot of wedding frills to make them interesting.

But if you choose the right location, you can benefit from its ready-made magic. There’s no need to go to extremes. Look out for things like Oriental Trading Company promo codes too. With these, you can save money on any decor that you do decide to include at your venue. Look out for locations either out in nature or at old country houses with beautiful courtyards and well-kept gardens.

Table Dressing Should Be Minimal

wedding tablePixabay

When it comes to table dressing, many weddings go a bit over the top. But according to Roy, there’s no need. Instead, she says, couples should skip all the usual chair covers and just choose chairs that look great on their own. Also, she says, opting for white linen on the tables keeps things as simple but as classy as possible. White is associated with weddings, and so it will still look great.

Pick A Colour And Stick To It

White at weddings is a given. But what other colors should you use? According to Laura Garcia, owner of a wedding events company, the answer should be just one. Her advice is to choose a neutral-looking space for the wedding ceremony and to spice it up with just a single color. It could be any color, of course, but if you’re going for that minimalist look, either silver or gold will work very well. Other colors, like green and blue, can also be effective, but you’ve got to be careful to make sure that you don’t end up making your wedding look like a kids’ party.