Proposals 101 – Getting Your Engagement Right

Getting engaged is a huge deal these days. It seems like fewer couples reach the decision to marry each other. And some choose engagement as the alternative to a legally binding ceremony. This is why it is so important to get the proposal and engagement right. You want this stage of your relationship to be the most special part of your bonding so far. But you also need to make sure everyone else knows what it means to you both as a couple.

If you love the traditions of getting engaged and getting married, your partner may need to fall in love with them too. After all, there is something incredibly romantic about getting down on one knee and declaring a lifetime of love for you. And few of us could say no to a beautiful diamond or opal engagement ring! But we are all different. More and more people are finding the traditions to be old-fashioned and not at all appropriate for the life values they’ve chosen.

If your partner knows you well enough to propose, then they should also know the kind of proposal you would enjoy most. It may be a big stadium announcement or a quiet moment at dinner. Perhaps you’ll both go to your favorite place or try something new and daring. The proposal should suit your character and personality. But that doesn’t mean it has to be something your partner isn’t comfortable with. Public declarations of love and proposals can be very high pressure!

Many couples discuss their preferences for the relationship together. It’s rare that a proposal is a surprise. Indeed, many couples even shop for the ring together. And you may both choose to wear a ring to symbolize your eternal commitment. If a ring doesn’t suit you, then you might choose something else to wear that represents your relationship. Once you’re wearing it, though, you may need to start making the announcements.

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When an engagement is going to lead to marriage, most people will ask you for a date of the event. When you announce your engagement, you might have a season in mind but not booked anything. That’s usually enough. What might become more uncomfortable is those over-enthusiastic queries about starting a family! Preparing your answers with specifics can backfire. Make sure you’re both on the same page with anything that sounds like a plan.

You don’t have to have a party to announce your engagement. And you don’t need to take out a column in the local newspaper either. But these things might be on your parent’s to-do list. If you’re not comfortable with this, you may have to make it clear. Friends and family might also be querying their role in the upcoming wedding. Best Man, Maid of Honor, Bridesmaid – the list goes on. Then there’s the honeymoon! You might not have the budget for everything they’re proposing. If you’re not ready for these plans, have a few generic answers to hand.

Getting engaged brings a lot of happiness and excitement to you and all your friends and family. It can become quite the bubble! Make sure yours doesn’t burst with a few preparations first.

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