Planning Your Wedding? Here Are Three Reasons Why You’re The Worst Person For The Job

The majority of brides (and some grooms) assume that wedding planning should always fall on their shoulders. This is one of the most important days of your life, after all, and only by taking care of everything yourself can you guarantee that things go off with a bang. Right?

Sadly, the benefits of planning things yourself often come complete with significant downsides, such as – 


With that in mind, countless brides are realizing that getting friends involved or even looking for an event planner from companies like Anticipation Events is a better solution. While it does mean handing over control, you can guarantee everyone will still work in keeping with your desires. For proof of why that’s worthwhile, consider these three reasons why you might not be the best person for the job, after all. 

# 1 – You’ve probably never done this before

The chances are that you’ve never actually organized a wedding before, and this alone should leave you out of the running. After all, this isn’t just any old event. This is the biggest event of your life. As such, tackling all that organization blind is as good as asking for trouble! By comparison, event organizers and even friends who planned their own weddings are in a much better position for knowing not only what needs booking, but how to coordinate each task along the way. They may even already have a few numbers to hand to make this process far easier than if you were trawling through the internet to find people!

# 2 – You’re too close for comfort

Let’s face it; no one is closer to this wedding than you and your partner. And, you know what they say? Being too close for comfort can sometimes stop you from seeing things how they really are. Or, in this case, it can prevent you from arranging the best possible day. Instead, you’ll be so hung up on your ‘ideal wedding plan’ that you might follow routes even once they close to you or fail to fit with everything else. By comparison, an outside planner will be able to see the situation for what it is, and work towards alternative solutions instead of hitting the same wall time and again. 

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# 3 – It’s your special day

Let’s not forget, either, that this is your special day. As such, you should be free to drink in and enjoy every last second rather than worrying about following a strict schedule and keeping everyone in line the whole time. Sadly, that’s just what you’ll end up doing if you’re taking care of plans yourself. But, by passing the buck to someone else, you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding the way that you should have been able to all along. 

We won’t lie; it might be difficult to give up control of a day that matters this much. But, believe us when we say that you’ll be glad if you do.

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