Planning For Wedding Perfection

When you’re planning the day there are hundreds of factors that run through your mind and the whole thing can begin to feel like it might overwhelm you. You might be planning around work and family and feel like time is running out to work all the logistics through properly.

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Wedding planners don’t come cheap but maybe it’s time to let go of the reigns and hand over to someone whose job it is to do all the running around for you.

But what can you expect from this service and how do you know you’re getting the best value for money?

The first thing you must ensure is that the pair of you clicks. Sure the wedding is about you and your partner but if it’s you doing most of the organizing then it’s you that’s going to be in more frequent contact.

Read up on some wedding sites and narrow down two or three that you can meet face to face for an interview.

You’ll want to ask them how they run the preparation, how the day itself works and how they go about sourcing venue, caterers are so on. After each interview you should ask yourself if you felt they really ‘got’ you, if they shared your dream and if they really can deliver your vision within budget.

Make sure you go away and thoroughly check out their references and previous work. Talk to people who have used them to get a sense about how it all went and if they would recommend them.

Your planner can talk you through a list of unique wedding venues, set up tasting sessions with caterers and wine experts and even help you find your perfect dress. Remember though, that this is you and your partner’s big day so don’t feel forced into making decisions that you’re not comfortable with, particularly when it comes to spending money. If you want to say no, do so. Your planner should respect your choices.

A great planner will get to know you both first and spend some time finding out what makes you tick, what your particular tastes and styles are and how you work as a couple. They should be able to translate that knowledge into finding recommendations that work for you both without being wildly off the mark.

For example if you’re hoping for Swing band and you get recommended a country outfit, you might want to reconsider who you’re working with. Trusting that your planner is going to make good decisions straight away is vital to the relationship working.

No matter who you and no matter what your style, whether luxurious or rustic, you’ll want someone on board who has your back and helps take the stress and hassle out of your wedding preparation. On the big day expect them to make sure it’s all smooth sailing and you’ll find that your planner is worth their weight in gold. Find someone you trust to help you create memories that last a lifetime.


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