Planning a Wedding During a Pandemic

You’ve had your nuptials planned for the last year, and then a pandemic came along and ruined everything. Well, you’re not alone. People have been coming up with creative ways to go ahead with their weddings in a way that is safe and still allows everyone to attend, one way or another. A virtual wedding is an option, and there is a way to do it that is both memorable and beautiful for all to experience.

The Equipment

To professionally broadcast weddings, of course, you’re going to need the right equipment. With a little help from a mobile device, live streaming equipment will offer the best video and sound quality for your event. It will record while you stream so you have something to look back on years from now and always treasure.

You’ve already put a lot of money into your wedding. This setup offers you exceptional quality that is also affordable.

The Streaming

While the United States may have not been prepared for a pandemic, thankfully, technology was. There are numerous live stream options available for you to host your big day, and you can do it from anywhere, whether atop a high rise building, in a traditional setting such as a church, or even in your own backyard.

Not sure what platform to stream on? You can have your guests tune into Facebook Live, Zoom or YouTube Live. Each option has different limits on how many can watch and for what length of time, so you’ll need to familiarize yourself with each to determine which will work for you.

The best part of the live stream is everyone will have a front row seat as you exchange your vows and commit yourselves to one another in love.


Live streaming sounds simple and fun, but there are still plenty of logistics involved. You’ll need to put someone in charge of the livestream to make sure your technology is properly functioning. Technology is great, but things can still go wrong.

Because people will be viewing from any location you can possibly imagine, the person in charge of the equipment will make sure they are tuned out during the actual ceremony.

The vows aren’t the only event you’ll be wanting everyone to tune into. Will you also invite them to the cake cutting, toasts and first dance? These are things you will want to consider ahead of time, if you do them at all.

Also, will there be in person guests as well? You know you will need the minister or other person officiating the wedding, but will you also have immediate family present, and what social distancing precautions will be in place.

Also, how will your event be protected so that others who weren’t on the invite list don’t pop in unexpectedly? This is something you’ll want to consider when you choose the right platform. Is it secure? Avoid sharing the link in public to help avoid this type of situation.

There is a lot to consider with this type of wedding. Make sure all possible options are considered, and workarounds for anything that could possibly go wrong. There are a lot of great tips around the internet from pioneers who have gone before you.

Broadcast weddings are nothing new, but due to the pandemic, they are becoming more commonplace. Still, don’t be surprised if some of your guests are surprised to learn of this option in venue. Some of your older guests may have a hard time navigating technology, so you might want to appoint someone to assist them, if not yourself.

Above all, don’t worry. Even if there are hiccups, nothing is going to stop you from exchanging your vows, and the event will be more beautiful than you could have imagined.

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