Planning a Proposal? Read Our Guide to Coloured Diamonds and Their Meanings

If you are planning to propose this summer, there will be a lot on your mind. You will be thinking about how to make the proposal just perfect. Thinking about the perfect setting for the proposal, plus all of the special words that you will want to get across. Then, of course, there is the engagement ring to think about. Your other half may have an ideal ring in mind. There might be a setting or gem that they have always dreamed of having. If there isn’t something in particular that they would like, you could think about something a little different.

A truly unique and special ring could be a coloured diamond. It makes such a change from a classic clear diamond. It might not have been a choice you would have gone for but there are special meanings to the colour of diamonds. Perhaps there is one that is perfect just for the two of you? You could even theme your wedding around the colour of the diamond. The bridesmaids’ dresses could be in that colour, as well as perhaps the flowers.



Some diamonds are coloured naturally and other times they will be synthetically coloured. Whichever way it comes, it can look so good and be a unique and rare design. If you chose to go for red ruby engagement rings, it shows confidence and power. Red is also meant to symbolise good luck in cultures like China. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? If your other half is confident and vivacious, maybe that would be the perfect option for them.

Orange or yellow diamonds can represent energy as well as happiness and joy. Nothing says getting engaged like happiness and joy; yellow could be the perfect option for you. Green diamonds can represent wealth and nature. If you were thinking of having a natural wedding, filled with foliage, then an engagement ring with a green gem could be the best choice.



A blue diamond represents peace and good health. This can even double up on the wedding day as the bride’s ‘something blue’. On the same spectrum, a purple coloured diamond shows luxury and nobility. It can look so stunning in a white gold or platinum setting, for a truly sophisticated look. It is associated with royalty too. So think about your bride to be and what would work perfectly for them.


Have you ever considered a black diamond? It won’t be suitable for all but some people will fall in love with it. They have become more and popular over recent years so could be worth looking into. It has often been associated with death and negativity but it is representing sophistication more and more these days.

Champagne and tan coloured diamonds are closely connected to the earth and are more traditional options to go for. So a great choice if you are after a more subtle option for your love. Good luck with planning your engagement and wedding. I hope it all goes well and you choose the perfect engagement ring.

This is a contributed post.