How to Be the Perfect Maid of Honor for the Bride During These Uncertain Times

The pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty for many people and has made planning special occasions, like weddings, much more challenging. No matter what role you play in a wedding, COVID-19 affects all of us. But the bride is likely feeling her fair share of stress around planning her big day amid a pandemic.

If you are the maid of honor to a bride-to-be, you likely already understand the more traditional responsibilities that come with this important role. And if you’re taking part in a gay marriage, you understand that for some, these wedding ceremonies pose issues combining the personal and political in same sex marriage. Given the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, your role may be a little different from what you’d normally expect.

You know how much this special day means to the couple and their wedding party, and there are many things you can do to support the bride and groom and help reduce anxiety levels. From sending a thoughtful gift like wedding socks to lending a listening ear, here’s how to be the perfect maid of honor for the bride during these uncertain times.


Show you care

If you notice the bride is a little more stressed out than usual, a thoughtful gesture, such as a heartfelt card or gift, can do a lot to help put them in better spirits. Even if you can’t be there physically, sending a thoughtful message or present can put a smile on their faces and remind them you’re there for them.

A cute pair of socks can send joy to those who receive them. You can get a pair of adorable bride socks, like the Feyonce pair to recognize how their special somebody “put a ring on it” and give them a good laugh.

To make your bride and fellow bridesmaids feel loved, you can go a step further by gifting adorable wedding-themed socks, like these Bride’s Flock socks, to each bridesmaid and sharing photos of you all rocking these cute flamingo socks. When the bride sees this incredibly thoughtful gesture, she’s sure to feel love and support.

And don’t forget about the groom! You can help them feel supported and thought of by getting a nice pair of neutral socks that say “groom” to wear to their bachelor party or even sport on the big day.

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Check in

Pandemic or no pandemic, wedding planning is a lengthy process, and it can be daunting for any couple. Because the bride asked you to be their maid of honor, that means you already share a special relationship with them and the groom. You can support that relationship, just as you always do, by regularly checking in to let them know you’re thinking of them and here for them.

Reach out now and then through a combination of texts, calls and video chats to ask how they’re doing and see if there’s anything you can help them out with. While you don’t want to inundate them with questions, checking in every couple of weeks can be reassuring and help them feel supported.

Be flexible

The pandemic has thrown off or postponed lots of people’s plans, including their big day. It’s not uncommon for some couples to postpone or reschedule their wedding during these times; to hold it later or during another time of year, they can move the event outdoors and ensure greater safety levels for all involved.

Whatever the case, it’s essential to be flexible for the bride and groom. Whether they have to reschedule or are dealing with the stressors of trying to coordinate a date with their bridal party and guests, understanding that scheduling conflicts may arise and being empathetic and flexible can go a long way.

Offer a helping hand

One of the best ways you can show up for your bride during this time is to be there when they need you the most. Whether they’re unexpectedly rescheduling their wedding or coming up against other unanticipated issues because of the pandemic, they’re probably feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything. You can help alleviate some of this stress and pressure by making yourself available—either remotely or physically—to help.

While you’re likely already busy planning the bride’s bridal shower or bachelorette party along with her bridesmaids, you can offer to step in with other helpful tasks to help ease the burden and anxiety of planning a wedding during these times. For instance, you can help them find a reputable photographer or research fun wedding photo ideas to capture their big day. Or you could offer to handle revising wedding invites with the new ceremony dates if the bride and groom have had to reschedule because of COVID-19.

As the maid-of-honor, you can take initiative and coordinate with the other bridesmaids to delegate tasks and help take some weight off the couple’s shoulders. Most of these duties would likely fall to you outside of a pandemic, but monitoring the bride’s stress levels and offering help every step along the way can make a world of difference in these uncertain times.

If there isn’t a way for you to help them out in the moment, just letting them know that you’re there and ready to help can help comfort them. Plus, they’ll know they can lean on you in the future when they may need help again.

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The takeaway

Wedding planning can be an exciting time, but planning the big day during a pandemic can cause some added stressors for all involved—especially the bride-to-be. However, you can be there to support them as the maid of honor by being available, flexible and willing to help.

By sending thoughtful gifts, like cute wedding socks, checking in to see how the bride and groom are doing and stepping in to help with tasks wherever help is needed, you can be the perfect maid of honor during otherwise difficult times.




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