Organizing Your Outdoor Wedding: 5 Tips For Success

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The thought of saying your “ I do’s” in front of a beautiful skyline while birdsong penetrates the air is the ultimate vision of a romantic wedding. However, any couple planning to take this route must learn to appreciate the logistical challenges. 

There are a number of factors, including potential mishaps, to consider. With these five tips at your disposal, though, you won’t go far wrong. 

#1. Prepare For Adverse Weather 

Naturally, the first concern about hosting an outdoor event relates to the weather. Getting married during wedding season will instantly give you a better chance of avoiding the wind and rain. Nonetheless, a marquee is an ideal addition to the day. Even if the weather stays nice, it’s a great venue to host the meal as well as the evening reception. Providing wind shelters, umbrellas, and other forms of shelter will make a big impact. However, you must not forget to use flooring (permanent or temporary) to prevent mud and puddles. 

#2. Think About The Lighting 

Getting married under a beautiful clear blue sky is the stuff of dreams. However, your big day shouldn’t end when the sun goes down. Even if the evening event is happening under a marquee, it’s vital to ensure that the external areas are well lit for the sake of safety and practicality. Paper lanterns and LED lights from suppliers like Just Artifacts inject a romantic flavor too. This enables you to enjoy the perfect evening with your closest friends and perfect, making it one of the most crucial steps of all. 

Image Pixabay CC0 License

#3. Add Amplification 

One benefit of an internal venue that many couples overlook is the natural acoustics. When hosting an outdoor wedding, it is a lot harder for sound to travel, meaning guests at the back may miss out. The easy solution for this is to use a microphone and amplification system. This is the best way to ensure that all guests feel included. Furthermore, any couples planning to record their wedding will find this has a huge impact on the production values of the footage. In turn, you’ll be able to relive the moment for years to come. 

#4. Use Outfit Changes 

A wedding dress is the best outfit that any woman can ever wear. But having two outfits can double the enjoyment while also bringing practicality. Specialists like Theia can help you find the perfect wedding dress and evening gown combo. This helps you blend a consistent appeal with two unique appearances. The right choices will be influenced by the type of outside setting. After all, a beach wedding look is different to a country park scenario. Either way, looking the part has a huge influence on the outcomes. 

#5. Have Backups In Place 

While creating the perfect plan A is easy, you must also ensure that plan B will provide the magic you desire. The contingencies can include having a photographer that knows how to use the rain to good effect. Or having an inside backup space that reflects the theme. Finally, you should also ensure that the venue has power generators and backup power supplies. The last thing you want is to be left without electricity and key items. The peace o mind it brings will allow you to enjoy your big day to the max. 


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