On Trend Essentials That Will Make Your Wedding Pop!

The thing about weddings is its all those little touches that make it fun. What that means is that is it is worth spending a little time thinking about the smaller details that you will use on the day. Luckily, to make this easier for even the most overwhelmed bride, we have come us with the guide below, just keep reading for some more information.  

The Shoes

Wedding days are full, and fun, and can be really long! You will be on your feet walking down the aisle, standing talking to guests, and dancing the night away, that is why you have to have shoes that are not only gorgeous but also comfortable.

What the mean is that if you are going for some sky high Manolo Blahniks or red-soled Louboutins like the ones being discussed at https://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/show-me-your-wedding-louboutins/ for the service, it can be a good idea to get something with a little more give in for the other parts of the day. Why not try some pretty ballet flats for the when you hit the dance floor later, or even some strappy diamante encrusted sandals that are smart enough for a wedding day, but a little easier on your feet?

The Transport

Another essential that you need to put quite a bit of thought into for your wedding will be the transport that you pick. After all, there isn’t much point putting all that work into how you look if you aren’t going to arrive in style.

With that in mind picking a mode of transport that is fun, stylish, and even meaningful to you is the right route to take. Some people prefer a limo service like the one provided at a https://fllimoride.com/fort-lauderdale-limo-service/ for their big day. While others chose a vehicle that has a special meaning such as fire truck or squad car for those in the service.  

Pick a vehicle that suits your day.

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Of course, classic cars are also popular, especially if you’re going for a very traditional style wedding. This is because this sort of car complements the feel of the day perfectly, ensuring that you get to the church on time and in style.

A Crown

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Most women want to feel like royalty on their wedding day, and nothing say regal more so than a crown. Luckily this accessory is a hugely on-trend item this season and picking the right one can truly make your outfit pop and set your wedding off perfectly.

For those looking for a rustic look, why not go for a flower crown? You can use fresh flowers, or it’s even possible to get one made with fake flowers that look pretty realistic as well. The advantage of this being that you are not limited to the season for the flower that you pick, and you can keep it long after your big day too.

Other brides may prefer a crown with more bling for their day, and luckily they won’t disappointed by the additional options on offer. Go for something that is covered with semi-precious stone for pizazz, or chose a crown made out of more natural elements for a softer more ethereal feel.


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