Nudging Them Along: Keeping The Groomsmen In Line

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Planning your dream wedding can mean getting everything just right. This can be unrealistic but we’ve got to make sure that the key components are in place. Sometimes we can’t leave things to chance and while we could very well run the risk of being a Bridezilla when there are groomsmen involved, especially those that are quite lackadaisical in their approaches to things, this is one type of stress that we can’t do with! What can we do to ensure that the groomsmen are organized and are doing what they are supposed to do?


Get Their Measurements!

This should be priority number one for the groom! Ideally, they should all be going to get their suits at the same time. But if the groomsmen are dotted all around the country this can prove very difficult! It’s all about getting their measurements as quickly as possible and ordering the suits early on. There are plenty of tux suppliers out there like Madison James who are used to wedding bookings, but if you run into potential problems or one of the groomsmen hasn’t provided their measurements it’s vital that you chase them up as soon as possible! 


Split The Duties

It’s vital that every groomsman knows what they are doing. When there’s a group of groomsmen it can certainly seem that one or two will step away from their duties if they can. But the one way to make sure that everything runs smoothly is to split the duties between them equally. When it comes to something like the bachelor party it’s usually down to the best man to sort, but if you have concerns that they’re not organizing anything, a little text every now and again can give them the motivation they desperately need!


Make Sure They Communicate With Each Other

It could very well be the case that the groomsmen don’t know each other. And a good idea would be to have everybody start communicating early on. Ultimately, the groom is going to be busy sorting out so many different things that it’s not his job to keep the groomsmen in the loop. This means that the groomsmen need to get things sorted but also have some initiative! A WhatsApp group is a very simple way to get things going but when there’s that one person who isn’t quick to reply, this can prove frustrating. Getting people to communicate is never easy especially when people are dotted all around the country but the sooner you set this up the better.


Keeping Them Focused On The Big Day

Giving them duties is one thing but also making sure that they don’t slope off and drink too much is another! Keep them focused on the big day, and ultimately, the groom has entrusted them with so many different duties that if they are those sorts of people that aren’t particularly focused or motivated this will make itself clear. In which case, it might be worth having a chat with the groom early on, far before the big day!


Keeping the groomsmen organized is one of those things that might not necessarily cross your mind because you’ve got plenty to get on with. It’s not your responsibility but if you have concerns, try not to be a Bridezilla about it, but also make sure that you can nudge the process along somewhat! 

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