What You Need to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Finding a wedding venue is going to be one of the top things on your to-do list if you are a newly engaged couple. Not much else can get underway until you know whereabouts you are going to say ‘I do’ and sign on the dotted line. But as it plays such a big role, and will be in your memories forever, you need to think about the venue carefully, to make sure that it is going to be perfect for you as a couple, to make it the wedding day of your dreams.

Similar to when you view a property to buy, it can be easy to get giddy with excitement after only seeing one venue. Plus, you could get carried away with how it looks, without knowing if it can fully cater and provide for all you want it to. Not to mention that it has to coincide with your wedding budget! So choosing the venue is a really important step to get right. And as such, some advice and tips is going to be much needed. Here are some of the things you need to be asking yourself, to make sure that you find the venue that is right for you.

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What Kind of Wedding Do You Want?

The first question is what kind of wedding do you want? If you want a large wedding full of family and friends, then a small barn as a venue isn’t likely to work well, for instance. If something more intimate is what you’re looking for, then would you opt for a beach or garden wedding? So decide what kind of venue you’re looking for and then you can narrow your search.

What Capacity Does The Venue Have?

Following on from the previous question, you should have a rough idea about how many people you want to be at the wedding, as well as the style of wedding you’re looking for. So does the venue that you’re looking at have enough space for who you want to invite? If you’re not sure, then outdoor venues, much like the Neshanic Valley golf course here, https://www.merrimakers.com/neshanic-valley/, can be good ideas for venues. Outdoor venues aren’t as restricted on size as other venues would be. So something like that could be an option.

What Does The Venue Offer?

Some venues, if it is a hall or conference space, will just offer you the space, with tables and chairs. Some venues, like hotels or manor houses, may offer you everything from catering to cutlery and even DJs. So you need to bear all of that in mind; will it cost you more if you have to pay for caterers or a Dj from somewhere like https://djcrashers.com/ or could it end up being cheaper to do it that way?

Does The Location Work For Guests?

While you shouldn’t bother yourself too much about how your guests are getting to your wedding, it still needs to be a consideration. If you are inviting most people that live in a city like New York, and they don’t have cars, then would they be able to make it to a wedding in the Jersey countryside? Picking a good location for a venue is an important consideration.

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