Mother Of The Bride? Read These Top Wedding Planning Tips

Image via Flickr.
Image via Flickr.

Seeing your daughter get married is one of the most incredible moments you will ever witness. So naturally you want to make it as special as you can for her. It can be difficult to know how much help and involvement she would like during the planning stages. In the past, the Mother of the bride has set duties and responsibilities to abide by whereas now the role is often less pressured. It will also vary on how close you are to your daughter. To get yourself prepared and to help out in small but significant ways, use this guide to help.

Dress Shop with the bride

A second opinion is always needed when trying on wedding dresses. It’s the most significant garment she is every likely to wear so it needs to be right. This is an incredible experience where you can bond and share your excitement about the big day ahead. Remember to always offer positive feedback and encouragement even if you don’t particularly like the style of dress. Honest opinions can be useful but tread carefully. The last thing you want to do is upset or offend her. Try to encourage her to try styles she hadn’t considered before to see what suits her best. You could also help her look online at Vera Wang dresses to get an idea before you hit the shops. Take some tissues with you because seeing your baby girl in a wedding dress can get very emotional for you both.

Ask the bride what she wants you to wear

The bride has probably had every aspect of her big day planned out in her mind since she was a kid. So always ask her what she would like you to wear. She may have a certain look or colour in mind or give you complete free reign. It’s always better to ask in advance than upset her with your style choices on the day. Think carefully about the venue, the season and the style of the wedding to find something that will suit. If you are stuck for ideas, visit dress shops such as Frox of Falkirk that specialise in wedding attire. They should be able to direct you towards a suitable outfit for your daughter’s big day. You could also contact the Mother of the groom too to get an idea of what she will be wearing so you can coordinate or go for something different.

Be there for your daughter

There will be times when wedding planning gets frustrating and stressful. This is when she will need you the most. Be there for her to rant and cry to when things aren’t working out and remain positive throughout. Offer to take some of the tasks off her hand to ease the pressure, such as the guest list or organising catering. Your priority should be making her happy and being someone she can rely on no matter what.
With these tips in mind, you can help your daughter create the wedding day she has always dreamed of. Keep your personal tastes and opinions to yourself and let her choose exactly what she wants. It is her wedding day after all.