Making Food The Main Attraction Of Your Wedding Day: The Ways You Can Do It

Your wedding is such a big day to enjoy. The day you make commitments to the one you love and celebrate your relationship and future together. It is also the chance to get together with your nearest and dearest and enjoy a huge party and celebration. Many people consider themselves foodies these days, and so why not make food a big part of your wedding day? If you are struggling with ideas on how to do it, then here are a few suggestions.

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Make the meal personal to you

As it is your big day after all then why not make the meal element of the day all about you. So many brides and couples spend too much deliberating over what every guest may like to eat, and if you are planning on not giving. Achoice to your guests then you worry about whether you will please everyone. This is your day, so make sure you please yourself. This is when a personal chef could help you devise a menu that includes all of your favourite things. I understand that you do need to take into account some of what you might like your guests to eat, but don’t let it dictate your full decision.

Consider food trucks for a modern flare

More and more weddings are neglecting tradition and making their own rules and with the food that is one of them, so why not make the most of this trend and have food trucks instead for a modern flare. You could include street food, pizzas or offer a few different cuisine options so that your guests can choose. It could be a more informal vibe.

Go against tradition

Who says you need a sit down meal where you are served one option? These days people are looking at more informal ways to enjoy their food and buffets are great way to allow people to choose what they want to eat and feel like they can relax and enjoy the food that is being served. You could have a theme for the buffet, opt for finger food, or just give a few different main options so that the decision is out of your hands.

It isn’t just about the meal

When it comes to a wedding there is more than one part that involves food. So make sure you think of every aspect and choose what is right for you and your day. Welcome drinks or cocktail hours tend to include food and canapés. There is also the evening party where guests are normally probably in need of some food after a few too many drinks and dancing the night away. People tend to offer up sandwiches or a buffet style option again to feed their guests well into the night.

Matching drinks to the food to compliment your choices

Finally, if you really take food to the heart, then you may also like the idea of matching drinks to the food that you serve. Some wines work well with different ingredients and it can also really enhance the flavors.

I hope that this has encouraged you to make your own way when it comes to food on your wedding day.

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