He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – Top 5 Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid

There is something very practical about choosing flowers for your wedding: Flowers subtly liven up your big day in more ways than you could care to know about. So, when you are picking your wedding flowers, it is naturally important to refer to a handy guide in order to make sure that you can think about everything. But tips such as being playful with colors, or personalizing your bouquet can only help you so much. Sometimes, to do things right, one needs to know what wrong looks like, only to better avoid it of course! So here’s the countdown of the top five wedding flower mistake that you want to avoid for your big day.


Top 5 Wedding Flower Mistakes To AvoidPhoto credit

#1. Using Only One Color

Most brides are keen to match the color of their dress or their bridesmaid’s dress with a beautiful bunch of flowers. While this may be a stylish idea at first, it is, in reality, the best way to have only disappointing and dull pictures of the wedding. Nobody likes a monochrome wedding! You need to remember that flowers are there to give an accent and that the only way they can do it is by creating colorful touches, such as with playful Hawaiian orchid blooms for example. Explore colorful accents and the impression they give to find what will work for your wedding!

#2. Booking Florist Too Late

You need to make your florist a strong part of your wedding organization at the same level than choosing your reception room, your dress and planning for the guests. Making sure that you include the flowers at the early stages of planning will mean that you can immediately take their cost into account and choose flowers that will best match the décor and the location. So, make yourself a favor and don’t wait until the last minute to book your florist.

#3. Choosing Too Scented Flowers

Everybody loves scented bouquet on the table of the living room. Its smell spreads across the room, and sometimes the rest of house too! But you should avoid strongly scented flowers in your reception area as they will gradually take over the entire room!


#4. Not Communicating With Your Florist

You want beautiful flowers to match your décor and to set the right atmosphere for your wedding. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you include your florist in your planning very early and that you let him or her know what theme, dress and décor you are going for, as this will make sure that everything is tailored to your tastes. Have a look at inspirational wedding flowers that have been designed to match the tastes and personalities of each bride.


#5. Forgetting The Big Picture

Don’t forget that your flowers are there to bring a tasteful accent to the décor of your wedding ceremony. It would be a pity to ruin the reception with oversized centerpieces that are blocking your guests from enjoying the view, for example. Similarly, you need to check that your flowers won’t be taking so much room that your guests can’t sit or walk comfortably. Remember: Flowers decorate, they shouldn’t annihilate!
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