Location, Location, Location: Top Tips To Help You Pick The Ultimate Wedding Destination

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Getting that ring on your finger is a great feeling. It’s a sign of commitment between your and your partner and a little step in the right direction for spending the rest of your lives together. Wedding planning seems exciting and overwhelming. When you begin your journey there may seem like you have endless decisions to make. But the location and destination of your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you make early on in the process. So to help you on your journey, I thought I would share with you some top tips for helping you pick the right place for you.

What type of wedding would you like?

One of the things you have to decide on early on is the type of wedding you and your partner want. Are you hoping for a small and intimate affair or a big lavish party? Are you staying local or deciding to jump on a plane and get married elsewhere? Do you love how relaxed beach weddings look or hoping for something more modern like a city location? All of these things need to be considered because once you know the type of wedding you want, it’s much easier to decide on a destination or venue space.

Think about the logistics

The logistics of your wedding plays a big part, so a destination needs to be accessible. Can you guests find it easily? Can you get to the ceremony space on time from where you plan to get ready? You may have found a beautiful picturesque venue. But if you are planning on having a huge guest list you need to be asking yourself whether it is a practical decision.

Is there accommodation near by?

Many guests want to relax and enjoy themselves at your wedding. This might mean the option of staying over so they can enjoy a few glasses of champagne without the worry of a taxi ride home or driving. You will find that accommodation for you and your guests will become a bit of a headache if you don’t consider it early on in the process. Thankfully many venues these days offer accommodation. Or certainly if you are choosing a destination there should be plenty of options near by.

What is the overall cost for the wedding and your wedding guests

You might think nothing more than heading to an exotic location to say your vows. But if you want certain guests to come with you then you have to be a little considerate about the cost. This means giving your guest list plenty of notice to save and pay for your destination wedding.

Remember it is your day

Finally, while it’s nice to think of your guests and family the most important thing is to think about yourselves. It is your day afterall, so make sure you are happy with every decision you make. It’s wise to ensure you cover all angles, but at the end of the day you need to be happy and positive about your choices.

I hope these tips help you pick the ultimate wedding destination for your big day.

Submitted on behalf of Modern Weddings