Little Ideas For A Sweet DIY Backyard Wedding

A backyard fete can be synonymous with something special, joyful and close to those your cherish. Charm comes in different shapes and colors, and for many, there is nothing more romantic than being outside and at one with nature to tie the knot. The memories you can create with a backyard wedding are just as magical as the ones you would get if you had chosen a luxury location. So if you don’t feel like getting married in a sumptuous castle or a sophisticated venue, why couldn’t you pick a simple location that can bring you back to the essential: When love is in the air, anywhere is the perfect wedding venue. Get your planning hat on and prepare a backyard wedding that you will never forget.


Little Ideas For A Sweet DIY Backyard WeddingThe ideal backyard wedding


Get The Planning Ready

When you are planning a wedding outside, and especially in a garden or a romantic backyard, you need to start by preparing a plan B in case it should rain. This is why you shouldn’t target an open-air only wedding: Using a marquee with open sides can provide a roof for the ceremony in case things get too wet. Another good tip is to remember that not everyone feels the same about temperatures. Some guests might get cold in a backyard wedding, so do make sure to have baskets of throws around for everyone to help themselves if they need to. Finally, with a backyard wedding party, you can’t be choosing the same type of food that you would pick in a more conventional venue. Do keep the theme alive by picking outdoor-friendly foods, such as ice creams, bbq buffet, or even a Greek-themed buffet if you love the idea of fresh vegetables.


Little Ideas For A Sweet DIY Backyard WeddingGet a traditional ice cream cart


Embrace The Romantic Outdoor Style

Getting married outside doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with your wedding outfit and your bridesmaid and groomsmen clothes. Indeed, if you are ready to embrace the backyard feeling, you could go for a flowery style, that you conjugate for all outfits, from the bridesmaid dresses with Alana Vivi collection for example, to the groom with an elegant flower bowtie. There is a lot of room to play, so don’t feel like the outdoors should dictate a more sporty style. Another great idea to maximize the outdoor feeling is to pick natural and seasonal colors. For instance, if you are getting married in spring, choosing shades of blue, white, pink and pale yellow will create a harmonious ensemble with the nature around you.


Outdoor Decorations That Make A Difference

An outdoor wedding tends to be more open to a relaxed and down-to-earth sense of decoration, without making it look too lax either. Using colorful throws on wooden benches can bring a romantic Bohemian touch to your big day, and it will immediately help your guests to feel at ease. Do make sure to warn your guests about outdoors conditions, so that they know what type of footwear would be more appropriate for walking on the grass. If you are up for something a little special, try to suspend your tables from the trees with ropes for a perfect fairy tale feeling that will impress your guests. Emphasize on simple decorative tricks that match the venue.

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