Little Changes That’ll Can Make a Big Difference To Your Wedding

A wedding is a big event. There is so much to think about that sometimes the smaller details get left to the last minute or forgotten altogether. I’m here to remind you that little details can have a huge effect. So don’t forget to include them in your planning and budgeting.

Colour scheme

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First of all, make sure that you pick a good color scheme. While many brides just go for their favorite color, you need to think a bit harder about the shades and tones you will use at the wedding. Consider the time of year. Pastels at a winter wedding can look inappropriate unless it’s a blue frost color. You also need to think about what color looks good in your venue room. For example, if there is lots of green in the room, you may not want to go for a bold red color, unless you want a Christmas theme.

Whether you hire, buy or make your centerpieces, you need to make sure that they reflect your style and echo the decor of your venue. Tall floral centerpieces often need to provide the necessary impact for a ballroom wedding. While Kilner jars filled with wildflowers are so much more suited to a rustic barn wedding. Think carefully about the vibe you want to give off with your venue and match the centerpieces to that.


Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a popular wedding trend that can have a massive impact on your wedding. There are so many ways they can be used. You could get lit drapes to provide a pretty backdrop for photos. Or you could use battery powered fairy lights inside your centerpieces. Have your guest walk in with the lights dimmed and just your centerpieces glowing. This creates such a beautiful romantic atmosphere. If you have your ceremony outside, it’s also a lovely idea to string fairy light in the trees, to give it a bit extra magic when the sun goes down.  


Getting the right favors can make such a difference to your wedding. No, i’m not talking about sugared almonds in organza bags! Why not make the favors part of the celebrations? What about ice your own gingerbread man kit for Christmas weddings? Or some bubbles to blow at the bride and groom when then arrive? Be original. Its these little details that people remember the most.


The guest book has evolved over the last few years. We are now seeing cute ideas like fingerprint trees, polaroid washing  and oversized scrabble tiles. Break the mold and come up with your own wild and wacky ideas.

Having your guest stay over

image02Another consideration for your wedding is whether your venue offers accommodation for your guest to stay over. It is the loveliest thing in the morning to come down to breakfast and be greeted with your wedding party. You get to relive any funny moments of the night before and say goodbye properly before you fly off on your honeymoon. You just don’t get that experience if everyone is staying in separate hotels.
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