Last Fashion Check Before The Wedding: Avoid These Style Mistakes

Preparing your wedding day, and especially your wedding fashion is a mixed experience for many brides and grooms. Indeed, while the excitement and joy of the bright future together are very present – and rightly so, after all, this is why you are getting married! – , there is no denying that this is a long and heavy process that has its fair share of stress and anxiety. There is so much to prepare for a wedding that it is easy to commit some fashion faux pas, that you would have stayed away from, if you had had your mind free to think about it clearly. Here is a little countdown of the most common fashion mistakes that brides, grooms and their friends are guilty of during the big day.


Avoid These Style MistakesGet things right

Following The Celebs Trendsetters

Celebrities are famous for starting impossible trends, such as Sarah Jessica Parker getting married in a pink gown or Olivia Palermo wearing shorts for her wedding. You don’t have to fall for any of those temporary fashion statements. Yes, it might be your favorite actress, but this is your wedding day, so wear what makes you happy instead of what you’ve seen on them.

Not Coordinating Your Outfits

While you may want to keep your bridal dress as a surprise for your groom, you should nevertheless make a joint effort to coordinate your outfits for an elegant and fashionable wedding day. It’s not only important for the photos, but this also sends the right message about your couple: Going through life together starts with your wedding outfits.

Avoid These Style MistakesA steampunk ceremony, anyone?

Ditching The Engagement Ring

A lot of brides believe that they can’t wear their engagement ring after the wedding, and some even remove it especially for the wedding day. In truth, there are two ways that you could display your engagement ring: You could keep it on your ring finger so that your groom places the wedding ring on top of it; or you could wear your ring on the other hand. Indeed, it is a pity that beautiful rings, even more custom made engagement rings, disappear forever inside the jewelry box. Wear your rings with pride!

Trying To Steal The Show

As a bride, this is the day where you shine. So you need to take all the necessary precautions to make sure that this remains your day. This means, for a start, that you shouldn’t overdress your bridesmaids: Of course, they have to look fashionably good, but they shouldn’t look better than you. Similarly, if you are invited to a wedding, do check with the bride whether you can wear your really fancy evening dress or whether she would prefer you to dress down a little.  

The Big Shoes Drama

A lot of brides wrongly choose high heels for their wedding day. Whether they are wrongly inspired by fashion magazines or whether they believe that this is what is expected from them, countless women regret their high heels decision. Why? Because your feet will hurt at the end of the day! So you could have a look for cute flats, for example, as some are handmade for your measurements and just as valuable as high heels, or maybe you need to invest in a pair of sophisticated yet comfortable medium heels shoes.  


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