Keeping Children Entertained At Your Wedding

Keeping Children Entertained At Your WeddingImage Source

Some people say that children and weddings do not mix, and others think that a wedding wouldn’t be the same without little ones in dresses of taffeta and tulle running around. It’s a rather split opinion; children and weddings, and if you decide to have children around on your big day it’s something you should think about. You need to make provisions for the times you’d like them to be there; all day or evening? You need to make provisions for food; ask parents to supply or cater for them too? You also need to decide whether you want to provide entertainment outside of a DJ; colouring books anyone?

Children are a blessing, we all know that, but you don’t want your vows to be interrupted by screaming. Usually, parents in the congregation will have a little common sense and make a swift exit with children being noisy during a service. It is so important for a wedding to be smooth so making a note in your wedding invitations that children are welcome but with a proviso for parents to be gracious about leaving if things get loud is fine.

At the actual reception and speeches, it makes sense to discuss entertainment. If you have a lot of children in attendance, laying on some kind of fun for them makes sense. Speeches can really drone on when you’re under the age of 12 as it just goes over their heads. They don’t understand the importance of the speeches and a room full of adults weeping and laughing over jokes that mean nothing can create a real atmosphere of boredom. You could hire in an entertainer for a small part of the room doing party tricks and balloon animals. You could have a designated children’s table with colouring, stickers and sweets purely to keep them busy and happy during the reception. Of course, there will be dancing and there will always be flower fairies strutting their stuff.

When it comes to the food for the day, most weddings have meals that convey elegance. Children don’t give two hoots about elegance. All they care about is getting fed and no green stuff, please! If you have hired Diamond Blue Catering to prepare a selection of Gourmet Finger Foods, you can guarantee that you will have kids going back for more. Kids love food they can see and choose and a buffet is a hit with children during a wedding. The responsibility of choosing their own food and making it their own meal is exciting and can make them feel like one of the grown-ups.

Inviting children to your wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you will be enjoying sticky, chocolate covered hand prints all over your Vera Wang dress. It also doesn’t mean the baby of the family is going to have flying temper tantrums and shoot poop all over the reception. When you invite children, you invite innocence, love and laughter to the room. Your wedding, your rules; just be considerate of friends with kids and you’re all set!


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