It’s Your Wedding Day: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Picture it: Your big day has finally arrived. With excitement bubbling over, you march down the aisle to greet the groom at the altar. Lifting your veil to say your “I do’s,” you realise the man standing in front of you is not the person you thought he was. Literally! You have turned up to the wrong wedding!! Okay, so this is unlikely (we hope), but it’s just one of the things that could go wrong on your big day. Here are some of the other scenarios that can hinder your wedding – take note, and make every effort to avoid them.

  • Your designated helpers let you down. To cut costs, you may have designated friends and family certain jobs at the wedding. Your mum may be doing the catering, your uncle may be in charge of photography, and your best mate may be responsible for arranging the flowers. Great – until you realise your mum’s famed fish head curry is not for everybody, your uncle has forgotten to take off the lens cap, and your mate’s fingers are decidedly not a shade of green. Sometimes, it pays to bring in the professionals, or, at the very least, ensure your helpers are actually able to manage the tasks you have given them to do beforehand.


  • The weather takes a turn for the worse. Especially when considering an outdoor wedding, you need to keep an eye on the weather. However, despite the forecast, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Take precautions, such as setting up some kind of shelter should the rain start to fall. Having a marquee or large golf umbrellas in place to protect you and your guests, there is less chance of your wedding becoming a literal washout.


  • The children ruin your day. Kids are a great addition to any wedding, but they can also be a menace. Children running between your legs when you’re trying to walk down the aisle; boredom leading to mischief during the photo shoot, and food fights with the wedding cake at the reception, are just some of the things the cheeky little so and so’s will get up too. To alleviate these or any other problems, you need to have a plan for the children. Hire a childminder, provide entertainment, and book a room to give parents a place to go if their children get out of hand. Bless ‘em!


  • You forget to buy the essentials. There are so many things to buy for the big day, so it’s easy to forget something. The ring is a biggie, but then there are the other things you are liable to forget. From accessories to keep your hair in place, to a bridal jacket to keep you warm should the weather turn cold, ensure you create a spending checklist to help you remember everything you need to purchase to make your wedding day a success.


  • The guests become bored. Weddings are wonderful; for the bride and groom at least. For the guests, they can become boring, especially during the long stretches when the photographs are taking place. So, as well as providing entertainment for the kids, do the same for the grown-ups. From games during the day to a decent DJ for the evening celebration, ensure you have catered for every age group. Your guests will surely thank you for it later!

While we can’t predict every possible thing that can go wrong at your wedding, this short list should at least give you an idea of what to look out for. However, don’t worry if not all goes to plan. Don’t sweat it if something goes wrong – provided you don’t end up marrying the wrong groom, remember to have fun. It’s a special day, there will be stresses, but let love rule over everything, no matter what happens.


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