Is a Casual Wedding Right for You?

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Weddings in the 21st century aren’t all the same. They can take a huge number of shapes and sizes, from intimate gatherings of immediate family to huge celebrations with hundreds of well-wishers. Whilst weddings have historically been a formal affair, more and more couples are choosing to have their special day with a certain degree of relaxation attached. Themed weddings are becoming more popular, and even more traditional set-ups are ditching the formal halls and churches for marquees, beaches and barbecues. There are many attractions to an informal wedding, including the flexibility of holding it wherever you like, and the ability to turn it into a full-day party event. However, some people still hold onto the dream of the formal, fairytale wedding which may not fit within this casual setting. So how do you know if a more casual wedding is right for you?


The first and biggest wedding consideration is whether to hold it indoors or outdoors. Outdoor weddings have great potential for being more rustic and casual, relying on the beauty of nature as the backdrop to your special day. If a wedding in a forest, or on a beach, or even on a farm sounds like your ideal day, then a more informal occasion could be perfect for you. However, if a grand hall or church has always been how you picture your wedding, these locations may suit themselves to a more traditional, formal event. 

Food Quality

Casual weddings often mean more rural locations, and making sure everything fits together just like a colour scheme. The food for these informal weddings can still be delicious, but may tend towards more rustic flavors such as barbecues, roasts and gorgeous buffet medleys. You’ll see everyone tuck in and enjoy themselves without the constraints of formal seating or table plans. For some people this sounds perfect, but if you have your heart set on the five-star, seven-course extravaganza, this may not be for you.


One of the most popular elements of any informal wedding is activities. Often, these events stretch over a full day, and turning them into a garden party can be huge amounts of fun. You can introduce casual games for people to dip into as they wish, or even bigger, more organised games in which every guest plays a part. If this is your idea of perfection, learn more about what games to choose, including those where you can get custom sets made especially for you and your big day.

Dress Code

What do you want the aesthetic of your wedding to be? If you’re dreaming of the princess ball-gown wedding dress, and guests sparkling to perfection, then a more formal wedding might be exactly what you need. After all, a rustic wedding might mean more off-piste locations, and you don’t want to be dragging your gorgeous train through mud and sand all day. However, if you’re happy with a simpler (but no less gorgeous) outfit, and the idea of bridesmaids in dresses and converse, a casual wedding could be perfect for you.

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