How to Subtly Add Color to Your Wedding

For many people, a wedding day is awash with white. From the crisp white dress to clean décor, white-on-white is certainly a classic look for a blissful day. But for the couples who want to add a bit more color to the occasion, there are so many ways to bring brightness without making guests feel like they’re walking through a rainbow.

From gemstone jewelry to special groomsmen socks, here are some tips for how to subtly add color to your wedding.

The Outfit and Accessories

While your wedding day is, of course, about celebrating love and commitment, no one would argue that the couples’ outfits are some of the most memorable parts of the whole experience. When planning your wedding day look, the key to adding color is all in the details.

The Bride’s and Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Many brides don’t want to wear something other than white on their wedding day, but you can certainly add a bit of dimension to your dress with tasteful trims and subtle details that offer just a touch of color.

  • Buttons: If your dress buttons up the back, swap the white ones for one of your wedding colors for an unexpected surprise at the altar.
  • Belt or Sash: A colorful sash or belt helps define your waist and offers a fun pop of personality.
  • Two-Tone Dress: You could integrate color into the dress itself, for example, with a style that’s beaded white on top and blush tulle on the bottom.

Bridesmaid dresses are another great way to introduce color to your wedding day look. Each dress could be a different shade from your color palette, or you could choose to add subtle trims or embellishments that offer a sweet element of visual interest.

The Accessories

Accessories give you the chance to add a personal touch to your wedding day look, especially if you’re looking to keep the pop of color subtle. They’re unexpected, but still make quite an impact.

  • Shoes: For brides, shoes are a great way to add a sweet touch of color that brightens up every step down the aisle. Some brides even choose to make their shoes their “something blue.”
  • Bouquets: The bridal bouquets are a perfect opportunity to bring lush color to your wedding day palette. You can choose naturally colorful flowers for your bouquets, or use a colorful bouquet sash to accentuate it.
  • Socks: Bride socks not only make thoughtful wedding gifts, but they’re also the perfect accessories for getting ready — and for the after party once the heels come off and you swap into sneakers.
  • Jewelry: Jewelry is a beautiful way to bring both color and sparkle to this special day. Gemstone earrings and necklaces draw attention to your face and can be worn on other special occasions long after the reception ends!

For the gentlemen in the wedding party, color doesn’t feel contrived when it’s subtly added into accessories.

  • Pocket Squares: Pocket squares are effortlessly cool and add understated color that still packs a punch.
  • Socks: Revamp groomsmen with socks that match their unique personalities. Groomsmen socks come in so many fun colors, prints and patterns. Choose matching pairs for all the groomsmen or a different one for each guy.
  • Boutonnieres: Choose boutonnieres that play off the color of the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets to create visual cohesion.
  • Ties: Pick ties or bowties that have hints of subtle color. Think: a pastel paisley print or delicate floral that’s barely there but still noticeable.

The Ceremony and Reception

The ceremony and reception are where all the magic happens! Your guests will love the chance to experience how your personality as a couple becomes a part of the wedding ceremony and reception. Don’t be afraid to have fun by adding colorful elements to everything — from the décor to the party favors.

The Ceremony

The ceremony is often considered the most romantic part of the wedding day, and even if you don’t have the option to switch up the décor in your place of worship or ceremony venue, there are so many ways you can bring your personality to the ceremony.

  • Flowers: Whether used in a floral arch at the altar or sprinkled down the aisle, flowers and flower petals add natural color (and a super romantic vibe!) to your ceremony site.
  • Programs: Work your wedding colors into your ceremony programs. If people will be outside on a warm day, consider printing the program onto hand fans so they can serve two functions.
  • Refreshments: Create a refreshment station decorated with colorful picture frames. Frame your engagement photos, or for a sweet and nostalgic touch, your baby photos.
  • Blankets: For cold days, blankets are a welcome treat to the ceremony space, as well as an unexpected way to bring in more colors from your wedding palette.
  • Confetti: Give guests the chance to celebrate with you after the excitement of the first kiss. Biodegradable confetti in earthy colors is sheer fun.

The Reception

When you get to the reception, that means it’s officially party time! While you might not want to go full on Rainbow Brite here, you can really have so much fun with color during the reception.

  • Place Cards: Match your place cards to your invites and programs and creatively work your wedding colors in here. Something as simple as a font color or illustration offers a subtle, meaningful touch.
  • Table Napkins: Napkins are often joked about during wedding planning (who knew that’s even something you’d have to choose?), but they offer you the perfect chance to add unexpected color to your tables.
  • Chair Cushions: Some venues allow you to rent chairs with cushions. Consider something other than the standard white.
  • Tableware: From glasses to chargers, your tableware should be as unique as you are.
  • The Desserts: Whether you go the route of a traditional wedding cake or add a dessert stand or donut wall, colorful treats are so much fun and will certainly make a memorable experience for your guests.
  • Back Lighting: The reception is really a fun party, so don’t be afraid to play around with back lighting to bring excitement to the dance floor!
  • Wedding Favors: Whether it’s candy in the bride’s and groom’s favorite colors, a sweet stick of honey with a label that matches your theme or bright mini candles that smell like your favorite place, you can get really creative with wedding favors.

Subtle Color, Beautiful Impact

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and a beautiful opportunity to reflect your personality as a couple. Whether you bring a touch of subtle color to your décor, your look or your accessories, it’s most important to find ways to make sure that your wedding day feels like just that — yours.



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