How to Make Your Wedding More Fun for Guests

You don’t need to go especially out of your way to make a wedding romantic. When you’re two people who are getting married in a beautiful ceremony, the loving atmosphere will naturally be present. One thing that isn’t always guaranteed, however, is fun. That’s a little bit more difficult to master. Bringing together good people will always lead to a good time, but bringing so much fun that your special days stands out from the crowd? That might be a little bit more difficult. Below, we take at a few ways you can increase the chances of your wedding receiving 10/10 marks for the fun levels.


Make it Flow

There are certain things you’ll want to do during your wedding day, like, say, having various photoshoots with different groupings of guests, or giving speeches. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that these things can overshadow the fun of the day if there’s too many of them. Your guests need to get to know each other, ease into the day, and have the space to take in the moment. They can’t do that if they’re lead around from one activity to the next. Make sure you do all the important things you want to include in your day, but don’t let it interfere with the flow too much.

Logistical Arrangements

Sometimes, the fun is interrupted by the simple things, like the logistical arrangements of the day. Take where the venue is located, for example. If it’s in a more rural area, then your guests may be concerned about how they’re going to get there — and, more importantly, how they’re going to get back. You can get around this issue by providing transport to and from the town to your wedding reception area. They’ll find it easier to sink into relaxed, fun vibes of the day if they know the main ingredients of the day have already been arranged. You don’t want your guests to be thinking about anything else other than having a good time!

Colorful Cocktails

Why settle for the same old, same old drinks at your wedding? Champagne, wine, and bottles of beer are all well and good — and you’ll definitely want to make them available — but they’re not exactly the most exciting drinks on the planet. Instead, why not look at having a cocktail bar, one that provides your guests with those deliciously bright red and blue cocktails? Or you can have a general spirits section, where your guests can make their favorite drinks — if you take this option, have a garnish board set up in front with pepper, lime, berries, and other additions that give drinks an extra kick.

Props and Photos

Excitement can take over once the meal section of the day is over, and the party is getting underway. So why not look at giving your guests a release for all that energy? Having inflatable props, moustaches, and other costume accessories is a great way to get people in the mood for having fun, and can also give those shy dancers the encouragement they need to make their way onto the dancefloor. For an added touch of fun, why not look at hiring a photo booth for your wedding from It’s a fun alternative to a regular phone selfie, and will provide you and your guests with plenty of great photos from your special day.

Music Options

There’s one aspect of your wedding that will make or break the party: the music. If you’re not playing the right tunes, then you can’t expect people to hit the dancefloor. And if you have ambitions for the party to go on until the early hours, then need to ensure people are drawn to the dancefloor! So if you do one thing only, make sure it’s ensuring that you hire a DJ who knows what they’re doing — your wedding is not their opportunity to play their favorite obscure tracks. If you want to step things up, look at hiring a wedding band to perform live for an hour. There’s nothing that’ll get the crowded going like a live band blasting their way through some classic tracks.


For the Kids

Unless you’ve adopted an “adults-only” policy, then you’ll have to keep the kids entertained! This will ensure they don’t get bored, but, more importantly, that the adults can have a fun time without concerning themselves that their children are getting bored. At the bare minimum, make sure you’re giving them some toys and the like to play with, though you can take things further by hiring an entertainer to keep smiles on their face.

Relaxing Areas

People will, hopefully, be ready to hit the dancefloor and have a good time as one big group, but it won’t work if they’re forced to stay up on their feet all night. It’ll work for a little bit, but eventually they’ll get tired, and when that happens, people will begin looking towards the exit door. You can help keep people happy by setting up a relaxed area for them to unwind in. Some comfortable seats and candles away from the main party area will give people the chance to build up their energy, talk with friends, and all-around provide a different kind of fun for them to enjoy!

Keeping the Party Going

Aside from their feet getting tired, the other reason why people leave wedding parties is that either their kids are getting tired or because they’ve got no energy to stay any longer. You can get around these two issues by, first, hiring a communal babysitter for the kids at the party, and also providing midnight snacks. People generally want to stay until the early hours — it’s other factors that get in the way. Take care of those issues, and you’ll be ready to dance the night away with all your loved ones.

Finally, make sure you enjoy the wedding yourself! Your guests will have a good time — don’t be the one person there stressing that it’s all going to plan.


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