How To Make Your Wedding Fully Accessible For All Guests

You want to celebrate your wedding with everyone you love. Sometimes though, it’s not easy to find that perfect venue that not only suits your theme and requirements, but is fully accessible to everyone. Many of us have elderly relatives who might require wheelchair ramps, accessible toilets, and other facilities, but unfortunately, not all venues offer this. This can be extremely frustrating because you want your loved ones to be with you to share your special day. Read on for some tips and how to make sure your wedding is safe and welcoming for all your guests.

Work with your venue

It might sound obvious, but if you want your disabled grandma at your wedding, you really need to choose your venue carefully. Don’t be afraid to ask the venue to make any necessary changes – many places will happily install temporary wheelchair ramps to cater for disabled guests. For an outdoor wedding, you could request a portable toilet within the grounds, if the usual facilities require a long walk or a steep stair climb.

Cater for special needs

Be mindful of any guests with special needs or requirements. For instance, you might have a number of elderly relatives who are visually or hearing impaired. Make sure that any wedding documents – such as menus and table plans – are clear and fully legible; likewise, ensure that your guests can hear the ceremony and speeches.  If some of your guests are on the autism spectrum or are living with other sensory conditions, be mindful that a large event such as a wedding can be quite overwhelming for them. You might want to consider supplying them with a schedule or guide for the day, so that they know exactly what to expect and are less anxious about any routine changes. You might also want to work with the venue to devise a designated quiet or chill-out zone for these guests.

Be money mindful

Weddings are expensive. Not only do guests often want to purchase a whole new outfit, they’re usually expected to buy the happy couple a present. Remember that not everyone can afford this – someone might seem financially comfortable, but you really don’t know what their personal situation is, so do be aware of that. Consider making wedding gifts optional, instead suggesting that your guests donate to your favourite charity or anonymously chip in for a honeymoon fund.


Weddings are special and you want to share your treasured day with those you hold dear. With our advice, you can make sure that your special day is accessible for all your loved ones.