How To Incorporate Both Of Your Styles and Tastes Into Your Big Day

While many grooms feel like the big day is something for their blushing bride to take the lead on, the day is a huge one for both of you. While the bridal party, decorations, and flowers may be things that the bride picks out, there are ways to incorporate the tastes and styles of both parties.

This article will go through a few ways that allow both of your styles to have a place in your wedding day.

Color Schemes and Decorations

There’s much more color involved in your wedding day that just the colors of your bridal party. Your decorations, whether flowers or something else, are a great way to incorporate both your tastes. While many weddings use flowers as traditional decorations, the options are endless.

Some couples choose unique ideas that are meaningful to them, like “Harry Potter” as a theme, where decorations are in the colors of the Hogwarts houses. Other couples use their favorite movies or music to pull inspiration from. Depending on your tastes, there’s a lot of scope to include something for both of you! An easy way to do this is by ensuring both of your favorite colors are used that day.

The centerpieces for your dining tables, your napkins, and invitations are great ways to subtly put your stamps on the day. Chances are you both will have a say in decorating your home, so you should both have a say in your wedding decorations.

The Music

Music is a huge component of your day, and a lot of couples spend a serious amount of time considering the song they’ll have their first dance to. This makes sense as it is a moment that you will never forget, it’s a song that means a lot to you both and will bring back memories forever. The rest of the music is also going to be to your liking.

The experts with the top wedding band in New York City, Around Town Entertainment, recommend that couples carefully consider their music together. Your day will call for multiple music selections, from the ceremony and the first dance to background music during the meal and the ‘must have’ songs for the party at night. “Even if you and your future spouse have similar tastes in music, it’s also worth looking at your guest list and catering to their tastes,” says Around Town Entertainment founder, Adam Michaels.

Your guests might not have the same taste in music as you, so while it is important that you have some of your favorite songs played, try to play some classics. There are party songs that everyone will know, and you’ll want to play songs that are guaranteed to get everyone dancing. Pick your playlist with care and you’ll be sure to have a great time!

Specialty Drinks

If you’re able to do so, a great way of mixing your styles is behind the bar! If your venue allows you to, why not create customized cocktails that cater to both your tastes. Signature drinks for your wedding are a cool and creative way to put your stamp on your big day. It’s also a really fun activity to decide on together!

When creating your cocktails, think of your base first, and then build from there. Is it vodka or gin? Do you want it to taste sweet or sour? How about adding fruit juice, or some candy to the drink? What about the final color of the drink – does it fit in with the wedding color scheme?

Another really fun aspect of this would be picking the drink names – your favorite places? Catchphrases you always say, or little jokes you have? This is a really cute way of including both your tastes into the day, and will give your guests something a bit more interesting than the usual drink choices!

Transportation Options

Getting to and from your venue is a cool way of incorporating both your tastes, with one vehicle for your bridal party and one for your groomsmen. Some brides want to arrive in a fancy car or carriage, while some couples opt for motorcycles or vintage cars. Whatever you’re into, you can do it!

Ask around to see if wedding cars come with packages – his and hers – and maybe even an option for bringing you to the airport for your honeymoon! Both parties will have an idea of what they want their wedding car to look like, even if it’s just decorating your own with ‘Just Married’.

It’s a bit of an indulgence, but it also means you don’t have to worry about your own car. You can sit back, relax, drink a glass of champagne and arrive to your venue in style. Think of how cool it’ll look in your photos too! It’s not something everyone does, so your guests will certainly remember it too!


Accessories are not just the remit of the bride and her party, groomsmen have accessories of their own, too! This means both of you can incorporate your theme into your accessories and suit both your tastes and style in a simple, but meaningful way.

Depending on your options, a bride could wear earrings that represent something her groom loves, and he could wear cufflinks that relate to you. Similarly, pocket squares or other accessories can incorporate both your styles, depending on what you opt for. Some grooms will wear ties/bowties, cummerbunds or waistcoats that complement their bride’s color or style.

The main thing is to make sure that nothing clashes completely, as this disparity will be apparent to everyone. Colors or patterns that are complementary are a great way to allow both parties to have a say in the style and look of the day as a whole.

When you’re getting married, it’s a day for both of you to celebrate your lives together going forward. You are two people merging lives, with individual tastes and the idea is that this day celebrates you both. Give yourselves the chance to have something for both of you and you’ll have great memories and you’ll both feel included.

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