How to Choose the Right Necklace?

Choosing a necklace to compliment your outfit seems like an easy thing to do. Until you actually do it and find out there’s more to it than just picking the first thing you fancy. Of course, once you realize that, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, afraid of making the wrong choice and ruining your OOTD. That’s why we decided to create this guide which focuses on the different factors that you need to consider when choosing the right necklace that will complete your look for the day.

Part 1: Consider your Neckline Style

The neckline of your outfit will be the first factor that will help you determine what kind of necklace will work best with what you’re wearing.

●     Turtleneck – long chains or pendants

●     Sweetheart neck – curved beads or pendants

●     Boatneck – long beads

●     Scoop neck – shorter pendants with volume

●     Crew neck – bib or collar

●     V-neck – v-shaped pendants

●     strapless – choker

●     Square – angular pendants

●     Off-shoulder – asymmetric

●     Halter Neck – slim pendants

●     Collar – pendant or choker

●     Cowl – Short pendant or choker

Generally, you should wear shorter necklaces like chokers and collars when you’re wearing open-neck clothing as it emphasizes the neck. The more bare skin you show around a choker, the better it will stand out.

For versatility, an 18-inch necklace works best. It will fall in the area of your collarbone and can look good whether you’re dressed casually or formally. If you’re wearing business attire, a longer necklace (20″-24″) may suit you better as this length looks good when paired with slightly formal attire. However, for a night about town, your longest necklaces would be best because it gives off a more elegant vibe. Imagine a long strand of pearls paired with your best cocktail dress or exclusive diamond jewellery with a little black dress.

Part 2: Factor in Necklace length

As you’ve probably already realized, the length of your necklace is one of the determining factors when choosing the correct one to wear. If you’re having a hard time defining the neckline of your outfit, below is a guide explaining the different lengths available and what you can pair them with.

●     14 inches

This type of necklace length is considered a collar and worn tight around the neck. You can wear it with open-neck clothing such as v-necks, boat necks, and off-shoulder blouses.

●     16 inches

This necklace style is called the choker. It is worn tight around the base of the neck. It can be worn with anything except for high crew necks and turtlenecks.

●     18 inches

This is called the princess style. It falls in the area of your collarbone. It pairs best with plunging necklines, high neck styles, and crew neck.

●     20 to 24 inches

This style is called the matinee. The necklace will fall somewhere between the collarbone and the bust. It pairs well with just about everything, whether you’re dressed for the office or a day in the park.

●     28 to 36 inches

This length is known as the Opera. The necklace falls either on the bust or a couple of inches below it. This necklace looks best when worn with high necklines and evening wear.

●     36 to 42 inches

This is known as the rope. Similar to the Opera, this necklace sits on the bust or a couple of inches below. You can wear this when you’re at a formal evening party or an elegant business event.

Part 3: Evaluate Your Face Shape and Body Shape

Step 1: Consider your face shape

A necklace can help emphasize your best feature while downplaying those you’re not happy with. This means that certain types of necklaces will suit your face shape while others may not.

●     Round or Oval

With a round face, it’s best to get a necklace that elongates your face. Not one that will make it look even rounder. For that reason, get a necklace that is around 20″ – 24″ long. This will create a V-shape when draped around your neck, framing your face while drawing the eyes downward.

●     Square or Oblong

A short necklace such as a choker would work best because it will help soften the sharp angles of the face while highlighting the length of your neck.

●     Heart-shaped

The best necklace length for this type of face ranges from 16″ to 18″ because it helps soften the angles of the face.

Step 2: Factor in Body shape

●     Pear-shaped body

This body shape features an upper body that is smaller than the lower portion. The length of your necklace should be around 18″ to 24″ because it will make your shoulders look broader and place more emphasis on your upper body since it ends just above your bust.

●     Athletic

Those fortunate to have this body type can generally get away with wearing any type of necklace of any length. However, longer necklaces may be the best option because they help elongate the body.

●     Hourglass body shape

The best necklace length for this body type is one that accentuates the curves. For that reason, look for one that rests on your décolletage.

●     Inverted triangle body shape

This body shape features broad shoulders and a narrow waist. A longer necklace would work best because it will draw the eye towards the waist which is the smallest part of your body.

Step 3: Consider your height.

How tall a person is can also influence the type of necklace that suits him/her best. A shorter person may find that a long necklace is just too long for his/her frame. A taller person, on the other hand, may encounter necklaces that are supposed to be long but, in fact, is not long enough for their torso. To find the best necklace that suits your height, below are some tips that you need to keep in mind.

●     5’4″ or below

A person with this height should look for a necklace that helps elongate his/her short frame. A 16″-18″ necklace would fit your torso perfectly. But if you prefer something longer, a 20″-24″ will do. Just make sure that it hangs effortlessly on your torso.

●     Tall

Those who have a taller frame can generally wear any necklace type. However, you might want to consider longer ones because it will emphasize your tall frame. Just make sure that the necklace you chose suits your face and body shape.

●     Regular

A person with a height ranging from 5’4″ to 5’7″ is considered to have regular height. People in this category can wear any type of necklace. Just don’t forget to factor in body shape and face shape when making your decision.

Step 4: Inspect your neck.

The size of your neck will help determine which necklace you can wear. If you have a long, slender neck, then collars and chokers would look great on you. If you have a shorter neck, you can “elongate” it by wearing a long necklace (20″-24″). This will accentuate your collarbone and your bust, drawing the eye away from your neck.