How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

DJs offer a range of different pricing according to their experience, how much demand there is for their service and the equipment they’re providing for the wedding.

Additionally, DJs can offer full or half-day packages, and travel expenses (especially where overnight stays are concerned) can add extra cost. There are DJs, especially Portland wedding DJs from DJ Cutt Entertainment, provide extras such as mics and speakers for your ceremony, dance floor lighting and more.

We’ll help you figure out how much you should be paying for your wedding DJ, and what factors to consider when making your decision. We will look at pricing for wedding DJs in the US, UK and New Zealand.

What you need to know about wedding DJ costs

  • Wedding DJs are more costly in wealthy, urbanized areas

The average price of a wedding DJ in wealthy metropolitan areas is typically considerably higher compared to rural areas or smaller cities. The higher the cost of living, the higher is the cost of everything in the area, and that includes the DJ. With that said, these DJs also have many more opportunities to develop their skills, so as in all things, you get what you pay for.

  • The Best DJs don’t offer a long list of services

It has become quite common to find DJs who offer all manner of services – photo booths, lapel mics for the ceremony and even things like photography and videography. Typically, this is an indication of a DJ who is not highly skilled. The truly talented DJs focus on one thing – music. They will invest countless hours in their own skills, as well as buying the best sounding equipment for full dancefloors. Don’t be fooled by a cheap operator offering a long list of services, but lacking in the fundamental skills. Get a DJ who excels at DJing.

  • Negotiate to get the best price

Wedding DJs want to be booked solid. They have a relatively limited number of dates to fill, and competition can be fierce. While there are some dates for which they will be unwilling to offer any sort of discount (typically the most popular Saturdays in seasons like Spring or Summer, depending on where you live), if you are having your wedding on a date that is not in high demand, the DJ may be willing to negotiate a lower price, or offer you more services for their regular rate. Don’t be afraid to ask.

What Should Be Included in the Wedding DJ Package

Your wedding DJ package should include the following:

  • Equipment: The DJ may have invested anywhere between $2000 to $10,000+ in professional sound and lighting equipment. Ensure this equipment is included in their quoted price and not tacked on as an extra cost.
  • Insurance: Ensure that your DJ has insurance, which serves as your and your DJ’s protection in case something unlikely may happen during the reception, such as an emergency, accident, or equipment damage.
  • Time: The cost of a wedding DJ includes their hours of performance during your wedding and their preparations. Hours before your reception, the DJ needs to spend enough time creating and researching their set and scheduling their song playlist. During the wedding, the wedding DJ will travel, perform then pack up. The cost shall include all hours spent traveling, except if they are located near your venue (typically 30 minutes or less).

How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost?

We extensively researched wedding DJ pricing in the US, UK and New Zealand to find out how much wedding DJs charge internationally.

  • The average cost of a wedding DJ: Our research revealed very similar pricing for DJs internationally (for western countries).

Typically in the US, your cost will be anywhere from $800 – $1500. In the UK, the average cost is £800 – £1500. If you are in New Zealand, Auckland wedding DJs will cost between NZD$1000 – $2000 (about $650 – $1300 USD). Highly experienced or well known wedding DJs in each of these countries may charge fees from $2000 to $3000 (or pounds). 

  • The average cost of a wedding DJ in major urban areas: The usual charge of wedding DJs in a major metropolitan area is $1600 to $2200 for experienced professionals. Typical packages include the DJ and equipment for four to six hours of music and that will usually include professional sound and lighting.
  • The average cost of a wedding DJ in rural areas: The average cost of wedding DJs in less wealthy cities and rural areas is $1000 to $1600.

The quoted figures were sourced from an extensive survey of DJ prices in the US, UK and New Zealand.


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