How Instagram Helps You Document and Experience Your Wedding in Real-Time

Everyone wants to collect as many pictures of their wedding as they can. In this modern day where nearly everyone has a smartphone on them, it might not be just your photographer who has grabbed a good snapshot of you. You might also find that a few guests have had their phone out at an opportune time and have taken an amazing picture. Use Instagram as a way to bring these photographer guests together and to let you experience your wedding all over again.

Use a Unique Hashtag
Come up with a fun and unique hashtag for your wedding day! It is yet another way to personalise your wedding and could be a fun in-joke between you and your partner.

It is also great for documenting your wedding and letting people upload their photos to their own feeds. Get them to use the hashtag and anything they post will be easy to find, you can also suggest a fun Instagram post maker.  Make sure to use something unique enough that you won’t get caught up with anyone else’s posts – something like “#smithwedding” might already have plenty of people using it!

Make a Photo Book
From the collection of photos in your hash tag, you might be able to create the perfect Instagram photo book! This is a great way for you to collect some of the photos that your friends and family have taken. Arrange them in a way that is easiest for you, and you will soon be able to look through the photos your friends have taken whenever you want to.

Even if someone else starts using your hashtag, you will have your photos already printed out and in their own book. It can be a wonderful thing to have alongside your professional wedding photos, especially as it lets you see the wedding from the perspective of your guests.

Go Live for the Ceremony
Do you have some guests who won’t be able to attend? You could set up a private Instagram account and invite those guests to follow it. For the wedding ceremony, set up a phone and livestream through this private Instagram account. Those who are unable to make the ceremony can then view the live.

Doing so through a private account means that you will be able to control who follows it. No one wants some random person butting in on such an important occasion. Make sure that everyone who will be attending in this virtual manner is following the account beforehand – you don’t want to have someone rushing to try to fix things and go live as the ceremony takes place!

Instagram could be a vital tool to help you create the perfect wedding day. It is not a platform that many would think of when trying to plan such a day, but it can have more of a benefit than you might think. Take a look at some of the options it can offer you – it might be more flexible than you realise!