Here’s What to Do if Your Engagement Ring Breaks

Fine jewelry and diamonds were made to be worn and enjoyed every day. However, despite the popular misconception, an engagement ring, and even a diamond, can break.

If your engagement ring gets broken, it can be a very upsetting and disappointing experience. But cast aside the old wives’ tales; it isn’t an omen. It’s just unfortunate – and we are going to tell you how to fix it!

Where is the ring broken?

The most typical engagement ring breaks are broken claws or chipped/missing diamonds. Take a closer look at the jewelry so you know exactly where it has broken. If you are missing a stone, retrace your steps and see if you can find it. Small diamonds (such as those in a pave setting) are fairly inexpensive and easy to fix. A central diamond can be a little more tricky and costly.

Check Your Policy & Find Your Paperwork

Before you return to the jewellers, check your policy. Some jewellers will carry out small repairs free of charge, but there is usually a time limit on this.

It can be very difficult to navigate a broken engagement ring. The jeweller may suggest that you damaged the ring and therefore they will not cover the cost of the repair. This can lead to a poor experience, particularly if you feel that the ring was not subjected to anything beyond the usual wear and tear. Be honest about how the damage happened and go from there.

Review the Jeweler

Sometimes we fall in love with a ring and in the throes of excitement, forget to do our due diligence. Take a look at customer reviews and get an idea of other people’s experiences. Are there lots of reviews about broken rings? How does the jeweller handle them?

If the jeweler cannot cover the cost of the work or is being resistant, ask if you still trust them or would you rather seek a ring repair somewhere else. Your experience and overall feeling is just as important as the engagement ring.

The Hand Over

Handing over your engagement ring can feel very scary but providing you are going to a trusted jeweller, there is nothing to worry about. To put your mind at ease, photograph the ring in detail before you give it over and be sure to keep hold of your paperwork.

If your ring is GIA certified, it will have a laser in scripted serial number on the diamond. If you are really concerned, you can send the diamond to the GIA and they can tell you whether the serial number on the diamond matches what is on your paperwork. Again, it is rare that a jeweller would swap out a diamond, but it has happened.

Make a Change

If you have a good relationship with your jeweller, remember that a broken engagement ring can present an opportunity! Maybe this is the perfect time to update your engagement ring with additional diamonds or other new features. Upgrading engagement rings is becoming more and more popular and might just make that time apart from your engagement ring a little bit sweeter when it returns.