Here’s How Your Bridesmaids Can Help You Plan Your Wedding

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Feeling stressed about your wedding plans? Most future brides do get quite anxious as they wonder how they will organise everything. But you don’t have to get yourself too worried. After all, there are certain people with important roles in your wedding. And some of their responsibilities include helping you out with all your planning! Are your bridesmaids ready to get to work? Here are some tasks they can take care of for you.

Sort Out Photos

You’ll want your big day documented through photos. How you get these photos is entirely up to you. Most couples prefer to hire a professional photographer. While others like to get their guests involved with disposable cameras. Let your bridesmaids know how you want to do things. If you like the sound of disposable cameras, get them to go out and buy a load. Want a professional? Ask one of your bridesmaids to call a few different ones for quotes.

Book The Band

Planning on having a band for your evening entertainment? Get your bridesmaids to start looking for a great one to get everyone on their feet dancing! Wedding bands are totally diverse, but many specialise in singing covers. If your bridesmaids know your taste in music, they will definitely be able to find a band that will suit you and your partner. If you don’t trust them, just get them to phone up different bands and ask for availability and quotes.

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Hen Party

It is your bridesmaids’ responsibility to organise you a hen party that you will never forget! Obviously, they may want to keep most of it a surprise, but there are some things you should advise them on. Tell them your preferred date for the big do. Also, let them know if you would rather have a night out or weekend away. Leave all the small details to them. This is one thing you don’t need to worry about organising!


Your bridesmaids might have some opinions on the flowers that they will be holding. After all, they need to match their dresses. Take them with you when you visit the florist so you can all chat about your options. Pooling your ideas is a great way to make sure everyone has a say in the decision. But don’t forget that, as the bride, you will have the final say!

Seating Plan

When you are planning the reception, you will need to think about a seating plan for the guests. Your bridesmaids can be a big help when it comes to this. They will probably know most of your friends so can advise you on where to place them. If you are related to a bridesmaid, then even better as they will also know your other relatives quite well. They can help you decide which uncles and aunties should sit together!

So next time you are feeling slightly stressed about your wedding plans, don’t forget your bridesmaids! They can be a great support and will also help you get things done! So now you can feel less stressed and concentrate on enjoying your big day!

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