Here Comes The Bride, But Is She Making The Most Of Her Entrance?

When it comes to wedding days, there’s one moment  brides think about above all. Though it may be a small part of the day, walking down the aisle is, in many ways, the main event. It’s the moment everyone sees you in your dress, and it’s the time you’ll most remember looking back. You’ll recall every flutter and feeling. And, your partner will never forget the way you look when you turn the corner.

Yet, considering how crucial this moment is, few of us give it the planning it deserves. Rather than tailoring the experience, we just let it happen. And, there have been many an aisle disaster because of this.

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, it might be worth putting in a little more thought into your big entrance. And, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the things you can do to make it the most romantic moment of your life.

Spare a thought for your destination

The venue is usually top of our planning priority lists. But, you might not consider the aisle itself during these deliberations. Change that before it’s too late. You want to think about everything from the length of the walk to the view at the end of it. Imagine how amazing it’ll look and feel to walk towards a spectacular landscape. If that appeals, don’t hesitate to book a venue with this in mind. A large window looking out onto extensive gardens could be all it takes. Or, you may want to book a beachfront wedding venue, and walk towards the ocean. Either way, this is sure to make that journey into your future all the more special. It’ll look pretty amazing on the pictures, too.

Forget the wedding march

We all know the ‘traditional’ wedding march. But, more brides are now turning away from this almost sombre marching tune, and selecting their own music. By doing the same thing, you can really make your moment special. Much like with your first dance song, you should look for something which means a lot to you as a couple. Is there a song you love to listen to together? Perhaps you heard something on your first date which would work? It may even be that you choose something with lyrics which describe your love. Either way, getting personal here could be the best way to make the moment your own.

Focus on what matters

Image Credit: Redd Angelo

Of course, all these are little extras which don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The thing you should always keep in mind is that your journey down the aisle is about the person (not the view) at the end. When the big day comes, do your best to tune out all the guests and other features. When you’re walking down that aisle, keep your eyes to the front, and watch the face of the person you love. You can bet you’ll never forget that moment with their smile in your mind.



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