Grooming Your Groomsmen: Roles Your Team Needs to Fill

A groom’s wedding experience is memorable, with a little help from his friends and family members. That is why putting together a team of groomsmen is sometimes a delicate matter that a groom must deal with. He must choose among the people close to him the ones he thinks can fulfill certain wedding roles before he ties the knot.

While you usually see groomsmen escorting bridesmaids down the aisle, there are other roles groomsmen must accomplish. Here is a quick rundown of groomsmen roles you need to know just in case your best bud asks you to be one of his groomsmen.

Support the Groom until the Big Day

While being part of the selected few is certainly a privilege, it has corresponding duties and responsibilities, such as being there for the groom during all the prewedding events, rehearsals, the engagement party, and other wedding-related activities.

However, that rule is inapplicable if you are a groomsman who resides miles away from the venue of activities. If you are just living in town, there will be no excuse of being a no-show.

The groom may also need your advice on certain wedding matters, like the ability to provide unique groomsmen gifts such as ties and watches to give his groomsmen a distinct look and vibe., the theme and mood of the wedding, among other matters. The groom needs full support from people who matter, especially from his groomsmen.

Brainstorm the Bachelor Party

One of the exciting parts of being part of the groomsmen is the access to the bachelor party, the ultimate send-off celebration before the groom says goodbye to being legally single. These parties may last overnight or the entire weekend, depending on the budget and availability of the guests who will be joining the party.

As a general rule, it is the best man who takes full charge of the party. However, groomsmen are also expected to help the best man in suggesting and executing awesome ideas for the big party. Another rule in bachelor parties is that the guests, including those who are part of the entourage, like the groomsmen, split the expenses of the party. The groom spends absolutely nothing.

Dress Yourself

Traditionally, the groom will just inform the groomsmen about the required style and the level of formality of the wardrobe to be worn during the wedding day. In some weddings, the groom will just then provide unique groomsmen gifts such as ties and watches to give his groomsmen a distinct look and vibe. Other weddings, however, provide the wedding attire. It entirely depends on the soon-to-be newlyweds whether to shoulder the wardrobe expenses or not.

Dressing up may be a challenging task for most groomsmen since purchasing a tuxedo may entail huge sums of money. However, there can be wardrobe hacks you may consider to save costs.

You may choose to rent a tuxedo or even borrow from anyone you know who has a good set of formal wear. There are also modern weddings that are not particular on what the entourage will wear. Whatever your choice, it is important that you feel good and comfortable wearing your wedding attire.

Attend the Wedding Day

This is undoubtedly the most important function of groomsmen: to be present at the wedding itself. A groomsman must free his schedule on the wedding day so that he can attend from the time of the actual taking of vows to the end of the wedding reception.

Groomsmen are paired with bridesmaids in walking down the aisle. Groomsmen may also help in ushering wedding guests. Other groomsmen are expected to deliver a message at the wedding reception.

Aside from his participation, it is incumbent upon groomsmen to provide unique groomsmen gifts such as ties and watches to give his groomsmen a distinct look and vibe. The recent trend, however, is that most groomsmen tend to give cash gifts.


Being chosen as a groomsman is an honor and a privilege that not everyone gets. However, groomsmen are also expected to fulfill certain obligations to the groom, such as their active participation in all activities prior to and during the wedding.

It can be a fun-filled experience as you may meet new people and share more moments with the groom as a single man before he becomes a married guy. Just enjoy the whole experience, put these considerations in mind, and you will stay awesome.

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