Grooming For The Groom: Guys, Make Sure You Look Your Best For Your Wedding!

When the wedding countdown is one, brides-to-be set about making themselves look the best they can. Boot camps are booked, hair appointments, tanning, nails, they might even have a little nip- tuck so they can look their best on the big day. But what about when it comes to men? There’s much less research done on the subject, but it of course goes without saying that you will want to look your best. After all, it’s a day spent with all of your loved ones, hundreds of pictures will be taken and you of course want to look sharp for your partner. But what exactly can you do, as a guy, to look your best before your big day?

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Diet and Exercise

One of the best ways you can boost your self esteem, give yourself more energy, clear up your skin and ensure your wedding suit fit you well, is to eat healthily and exercise. You don’t need to be overweight to benefit from this, by eating clean you will reduce puffiness and bloating and exercise will tone and sculpt the body. Avoid crash diets, cut out most of the junk and processed foods you eat and keep these as occasional treats. Aim to eat clean and balanced meals the majority of the time, if your partner is also on a weight loss mission they maybe it’s something you could do together? Take up a sport, go hiking or go to the gym together. Research has proven that exercising with your significant other can help you feel more bonded to them, so there are lots of benefits to doing so.

Try Out Different Hairstyles

You won’t want to try something completely different days before your wedding, just in case you don’t like it! But in the run up to the wedding, how about testing out a couple of different cuts and styles. You can go here for inspiration, or ask your barber if they can recommend something based on your hair, age and face shape. If like most men you have short hair, in the year or so running up to your wedding you have lots of opportunities to try new things and get feedback and make your decision for the big day.

Consider Teeth Whitening

Beautiful teeth are something that will never go out of style, and will make both men and women look more attractive and more youthful. If you’re unhappy with your smile then why not use your wedding as motivation to get something done? You could have veneers or crowns fitted at the front to make them look straighter, but even if you do nothing else to them- whitening will make them look better. You can go to the dentist for teeth whitening trays, or have laser teeth whitening done which will lighten them in as little as one hour. On your wedding day you’ll be smiling from ear to ear, so you want it to be a smile you’re happy with.

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