Great Themes To Make Your Wedding Unique

After you have said “Yes!” to the big “Will you marry me?”, you are now faced with the fun task of planning for your wedding. Perhaps you already have that dream theme that you have always wanted for your wedding, or you are still confused as to what might be your best choice. Weddings nowadays have become more celebratory than ever, from classic and clean lines, to even the most outrageous themes.

Are you still searching for the perfect theme to make your wedding unique? Check out the ones below:

  1. Rustic Wedding

Wherever you are in the world, the rustic wedding theme has been a classic favorite among couples. The rustic theme is very versatile, as it is one that you can do right inside a function hall, or outdoors in a forest or garden. With this theme, the venue can be set in an old building, or places that have wood furnishings for that cozy, warm, and magical feel. Most of the rustic colors are on the darker side, and if you want to make it even more unique, you can choose to go for dark browns, reds, and blacks.

Take it up a notch and have your rustic wedding in the autumn time outdoors. With the natural scenery, you will have little to do with the styling. Plus, your guests can come in their best warm formal coats.

  1. Pastel Wedding

This theme is perfect for those who love soft pastel shades. Have these in mind when picking this theme: light colors, airy spaces, delicate lighting, and elegant seating. To make your theme even more beautiful and unique, you can pair up your pastels with either gold or silver. If you’re on the more creative side, you can help your wedding planner fill up a whole wall with flowers. They don’t have to be real and pricey as there are many websites that can help you with DIY decor that still looks beautiful and expensive.

  1. Movie-Themed Weddings

In previous years, when you would talk about movie-themed weddings, usually the vision was unsightly. It isn’t a common choice among brides. Perhaps the grooms are more excited about this idea, but it wasn’t always the case that brides were up for it. You can be that unique bride and give your guests an exciting experience by having a movie-themed wedding! Are you an avid Star Wars fan? Perhaps you can have your entourage bring lightsabers with them as they march. Or you and your groom may have Game of Thrones as your favorite TV series, so why not go for a Viking-themed wedding? A quick Google search will yield tons of references, from viking decors like axes, antique furniture, furs and leather, and any odd applicable embellishments to clothes to the food and general entertainment.You don’t have to go all out with costumes that will make your wedding look tacky. Playing with the decorations and wedding party gifts, for instance, are already an excellent touch.

  1. Classic or Traditional Wedding

With more and more brides opting to go for more “modern” themes, the classic or traditional theme is often never the first choice nowadays. Hence, it can rightfully be classified as a “unique” wedding theme. What was traditional to grandparents decades ago is now unique for modern brides. Think royal weddings. To give you a starting point during your planning process, look back on the weddings of Kate Middleton, and even that of Meghan Markle.

Give your guests that royal and elegant vibe by filling up the entire hall with metallic hues and clean whites. All-white weddings are not very common nowadays, but they are sure to always remain a classic.

  1. Vintage Wedding

Are you going to be remaking or re-wearing your mother’s old wedding dress? A vintage theme can be perfect for you. As brides are not very confident to don something that may not be a fashion statement at the moment, vintage-themed weddings are becoming quite rare. Imagine The Great Gatsby and the 1920’s era. You can even go all out by having your wedding entourage, particularly the women, come in dresses with styles from this time. Set your wedding in an old hotel, with vintage chairs and a classic car as your ride, letting everyone relive that luxurious, party-going era.


If you are still on the fence about the wedding theme you are going to choose, let this list help you go to the direction you’ve always wanted. With your emotions always on the high, it is natural that you are going to end up confused as to which one might be the best choice for your big day. Now you can finally tick off one task on your wedding planning to-do list, and you can start working your way around the wedding theme of your dreams.

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