Getting To The Wedding: The Perfect Transport For Your Big Day

The journey to your wedding is one of the most important (and memorable) trips you will ever make. That’s why for so many people, the choice of transport to bring them their ceremony is a vital decision when planning their big day. Weddings come in every shape and size these days and that’s part of what makes them so exciting. Whether you’re upholding cultural customs at your wedding or throwing one big party, getting the day right is paramount.  Take a look at our list below of wedding transport ideas and see what you would pick…

The traditional wedding

Nothing says ‘class’ more than a vintage car. Whether you go for a luxurious Bentley or a cute Volkswagen, the look is timeless and it will make for some beautiful photos. Having a retro-themed wedding? Hire a 1950’s Cadillac to transport you back to days gone by or echo the Wild West with a vintage Mustang.

image02Photo from Flickr

Modern twist

Your wedding day is the one day you can live that celebrity lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Why not try a modern take on the vintage car theme for your wedding transport? Companies such as VIP Chauffeur Car Hire offer a stunning fleet of stylish cars fit for James Bond himself. Range Rovers, Porsches, Mercedes and the list goes on! Add a ribbon, a bottle of bubbly and you’re good to go.

Fairytale wedding

Fancy a wedding fit for a princess? Draw inspiration from Disney on your big day – arrive at your wedding venue in a horse and carriage. Often pulled by strong Shire or Friesian horses, your grand entrance will be one your guests remember forever. Not to mention, the horses are a great talking point and something for your guests to fuss over! Many modern carriages can seat between two and twelve people.

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Having a classic British wedding? Hiring a vintage red London Bus could be the perfect option for you. Not only is it incredibly striking, it can also provide transport from your ceremony to your reception if you have a large wedding party. You can even put your names on the front of the bus.


If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, why not arrive at your wedding on a tractor? They also work well for festival-themed weddings. Either sit at the wheel or have the tractor pull a cart which you and the wedding party can all clamber into. It will be a great laugh and is sure to give your wedding that country farm vibe.

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Although not the most obvious choice, more and more people these days are arriving at their weddings in (believe it or not!) golf carts. Cheap to rent and a lot of fun, they are a good way to set your wedding apart from others. Just make sure everyone still focuses on the wedding and not just zipping around in the golf cart!

Prefer staying in a roadworthy vehicle, but still want to have something memorable for your wedding journey? Renting a famous replica car could be the ideal option for you. Del Boy’s three-wheeler from Only Fools And Horses or the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard are both great options which everyone will recognize.

Submitted on behalf of Modern Weddings