Getting Started As A Wedding Planner

If you love planning and are dreaming of starting your own wedding planning business, there’s no time like the present. To get off on the right foot, you can check out a few tips on how to start your own wedding planning business.

When you love weddings, there are few things as amazing as working as a wedding planner. You get to be around weddings all the time and be a part of shaping the beautiful day for the happy couple. It’s the perfect job for a structured planner. So, if you’re a planner and a wedding lover dreaming of working as a wedding planner, why not just give it a go? If you’re thinking about it, you can find a few tips on how to get started here.

1. Find yourself a niche

Before you get started, it can be a good idea to consider whether you want to specialize in something particular. It depends on the market and your interest. If you’re in an area with a lot of wedding planners, it can be necessary to choose a niche in order to stand out. But it might also be that you have a particular interest or skills. It could be an eco-friendly wedding, intimate wedding, alternative wedding, etc.

When you know what your niche is, you can start the branding process. Your brand is what’s going to make you stand out and get recognized. One of the first decisions you’re going to have to make about your brand is your business name. Your business name should be catchy and creative so it’s easy to remember. If you’re not exactly sure what you want to name your business, you can use an online name generator specialized in wedding business names like It can be a good help to get the name ideas flowing and find just the right one to get started with.

2. Make a detailed business plan

Then you’re ready to get started planning how you’re going to get this business on the road. A business plan is a vital tool for any business, so it’s important to prioritize it. Make it as detailed as possible, so you can use it to lean against in the beginning and in the long run. Make sure that you incorporate everything from your brand and vision to finances and goals. Make sure to get a handle on all practicalities such as insurance, licenses, loans, and so on.

3. Work on your network

When you’re a wedding planner, you will need a good network. Many wedding planners are recommended mouth-to-mouth, so it’s important to get started somewhere. Get some experience through your network, and when you do a great job, you’ll definitely get recommended to others. It’s one of the most important days for a lot of people, so trust in the wedding planner is absolutely essential. Work on broadening your network and building a trustworthy brand that will make people choose you in particular.