Getting Married In Living Color

Color is one of the hottest trends for wedding dresses in 2021, as reported by The Knot, which has pointed out the plethora of beautiful white dress designs given a vivid touch through delicate hand-painted flowers in hues such as pastel green, baby pink, and light lavender. Paired up with flower-framed veils or nature inspired jewelry, this look is indeed fitting at a time in history in which nature and its beauty are taking on a new importance in everything from the choice of wedding venue to fashion. Not every bride is a ‘flower child’, of course, but many may still want to incorporate color into their look on their big day. If you are one of them, the following tips may be of help.
Colorful Details On White
There are many ways to jazz up your wedding dress with color, and design houses such as Vera Wang, Erdem, Lanvin, and Khyeli are showing how you can do so with a few subtle details. Lanvin, for instance, has designs featuring delicate crystal-encrusted bows along the neckline, in neutral shades like gray. Erdem, meanwhile, is gracing gowns with embroidered designs in hues like barely-there ashes of roses, which blend in almost seamlessly with the rest of the gown, but add texture and a small splash of color. These dresses are perfect for color contrast photography, as they take on a whole different hue in black-and-white and colored photography respectively.
Pastel-Hued And Ombre Dresses
If you love the idea of color and you’re looking to reduce your wedding fashion expenses, think of expanding your horizons and looking for your dress outside the typical boutique scene. From rental gown stores to second-hand stores, budget-saving gala dress boutiques may have your dream dress at a fraction of the price – especially if you’re open to a full-color dress. Even if you keep it simple (by choosing a pale blue, pearl gray, or ashes of roses pink dress), or you go for a simple fabric like polyester, you can dress up your look with accessories such as a cape, capelet or coat, as well as colorful crystals in jewelry pieces such as bracelets and hair pins. ‘In’ hues this year are cool rather than warm. Subtle ombre (think layered skirts in which every layer varies slightly in color intensity) is also considered to be highly Instagrammable.
Playful Prints
This trend saw its birth in the dresses of fashion icons Angelina Jolie and Chiara Ferragni, but it is hitting big on the current wedding scene in the designs of high-end fashion houses like Monique Lhuillier, Alexander McQueen, and Miu Miu. The latter, for instance, has a dress filled with colorful cat designs. Floral prints, fashion-centered illustrations, and personalized texts and drawings are also in for those working alongside their designer on a  bespoke dress.
Brides are increasingly choosing color as a means of self-expression in their wedding gown. This year, just a few trends in wedding dresses include cool-toned, printed, and embroidered dresses. Color this year is subtle but present, so if the idea of stark white sounds a bit too cool for you, add a bit of warmth by embracing color fully or opting for a few eye-catching details and accessories.

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