Getting The Look You Want For Your Big Day

There are lots of reasons for the style choices we make. Sometimes there are ethical issues to consider, other times there are budget reasons. When it comes to our weddings, we are as mindful as ever. Yes, there will be a cost factor to consider, but all of our style choices should be our own. Here are just a few of things that may make you think twice before making a style decision:


Anyone with a metal allergy will understand why I only wear ceramic rings. Even if you’re not sensitive to any materials, there are other reasons to consider something other than gold or platinum. Colors are difficult to integrate into wedding bands without selecting precious gems. If you choose a different material for your ring, you will have far more control over its design, color and shape. You might even find it is easier to customize to create the exact style you want.


The design trends for this season are incredibly lush and full-volume in style. However, the color of the dress isn’t always white! Other colors might be chosen for lots of reason that go way beyond your fashion preferences. Be bold and dare to wear the colors and fabrics that show off your personality. From rich chocolates to mint greens – you can look amazing with or without the ivory.

ere are just a few of things that may make you think twice before making a style decision:Picture credit


Many brides choose their hairstyle from the glossy magazines. These certainly save time in the salon later on. Why not give the hair stylist an opportunity to create a personalized masterpiece for you? Who knows? It might end up photographed and submitted for an award! However you choose to get it done, your hair is a big part of the look and style you want for your wedding. If you have a great idea that suits you well, push your stylist to recreate it for you.

Getting The Look You Want For Your Big DayPicture credit


You might spend weeks trying to find the right florist to create the perfect bouquet for you. However, as soon as you reach the end of the aisle, you’ll hand your bouquet over. You might not see it again until you’re ready to throw it behind you for the other girls to try their luck. If the bouquet isn’t the star attraction, then consider investing your flower money into decorating each of your venues. Many photographs will be taken with them in the background, so use them to capture the style you want for your wedding.

Groom’s Outfit

Not every bride gets involved in her husband’s choice of attire for the big day. Still, it is worth sitting down together to discuss color choices and style of garments. Some men like to wear culturally traditional attire like a kilt, for example. If your man is keen to bring his style to the wedding too, then it’s really important you make many of the other style decisions together too. Chances are he has some really good, creative ideas that will help you put together an incredible wedding event. Start with his outfit, and see how far you can go together.