Get Your Perfect Wedding! How To Splash Your Cash

When you’re planning your wedding day, it’s difficult to know what exactly to spend your money on. There are so many different options and when most of us are working with limited budgets, it’s hard to know what exactly you should spend your hard earned money on. Here are some tips to help you out…

Your Food And Drink

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One thing that your guests will really appreciate is good food and drink. Make sure that you taste the food before you commit to anything, and ensure that your caterer can handle any dietary requirements like coeliac disease or veganism that your guests might have. Don’t go for any food that’s too out there – you don’t want people to be reluctant to eat it! Provide bottles of red and white wine on every table and if you can, have an open bar. Not only is this super generous but it means your guests will relax and have a great time. For your wedding cake, make a day out of tasting them with your partner – if you aren’t a fan of traditional cake, you could even go for a cake made out of cheese!

Your Photographer

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Getting a good photographer is absolutely crucial. Your photographs are how you’re going to remember your wedding day – way after you’ve thrown away the food leftovers and you’ve been using your wedding gifts for years, you’ll still have your photographs, so it’s crucial to go with a photographer who you get along with and who understands the vision for the photographs that you have. Make sure that you look through their portfolio first to check that it’s the sort of photography that you want and that your photographer has plenty of experience. You should also feel very comfortable with them – having photographs taken can be quite an awkward experience so you need to feel relaxed and happy as you make your memories.

Your Entertainment

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You want to make sure that your wedding’s going to be a fun party that all your guests will enjoy, so you should ensure that you have some great entertainment. If you hire a DJ, make sure you talk through his playlist first so you can get some of your favourites on there. Alternatively, make sure that you thoroughly evaluate the band you hire and go to a couple of their concerts so you can decide whether they’re right for your big day.

Your Extra Touches

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The extra touches that you splash out on are the ones that will make your wedding unique and really a day to be remembered. Try to include your hobbies in the day so it becomes personal to you and your partner – for instance, if you love nature and gardening then you might focus on floral displays, but if you’re both into technology then you could get some table displays with LED lights in them. Splash out on your wedding favours, particularly for your bridal party so you can thank them properly for their love and support while you were planning the wedding. Get them personalised to give out some extra love.

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