Fun Activities and Themes for Bachelorette Parties

It’s a few months before the big day, and it’s time to mark the looming date with a rousing and memorable send-off. Whether you’re a bride or the maid-of-honour, there’s a bachelorette party to plan.

Michelle Thomas, whose profile you can view here, is an expert at coming up with creative bachelorette party themes. According to her, there’s no wrong choice. You can choose to go out and dance or stay inside and spend a few hours spinning the reels on Bodog Canada casino.

The key is to choose fun activities that everyone, especially the bride-to-be, can enjoy. If you’re not sure where to start, read on. We’re going to pick out a few simple bachelorette party ideas, themes and outfits that can liven up any night.

Leisure by Limo

It’s time to glam up and have a great party. Rent a limousine and explore Yonge Street to get a little well-deserved retail therapy. Pop in-and-out of the bride’s favourite shops while sipping on sparkling champagne during travel breaks.

If you feel like livening things up, use the limo for club- or bar-hopping instead. It’ll likely work out less than hiring cabs, and you won’t have to worry about anyone drinking and driving.

Add an outfit: If you want to spice things up, have the group doll up for the ride. Glam it up or dress to kill. Just make sure you’re dressed comfortably enough for all the walking or dancing you’ll be doing.

Casino Divas and Dollars

If you’re looking for bachelorette party themes for 2020, try doing something you can do from home. Better yet, try to find a way to bring everyone together online by enjoying a casino night. There are even VR casinos available, giving you the Vegas experience without the expensive flights.

Add an outfit: If you decide to gather all the girls at home for a gambling experience, why not get dressed for the occasion? To make things interesting, grab an outfit from the 20s and pretend you’re spinning private reels in a hidden casino.

Keep it Simple Stupid

There are many types of bachelorette parties, but sometimes you just can’t go wrong with a few hot firemen and a couple of ones. Party it up just like the movies do, and give the bride a wild night she’ll never forget.

Add classic party games like Never Have I Ever or Suck for a Buck, and you’ll have a winner on your hands. Remember, don’t hold one of these if you haven’t discussed it with the bride and her hubby-to-be first. You don’t want to ruin a wedding due to an unplanned male dancer doing his job.

Add an outfit: Don’t overthink this one. Try to wear something comfortable that you won’t mind ruining completely. Once the drinks start flowing, spills are a given. You don’t want to have a permanent wine stain on your favourite top.

The Big Themed Blowout

It’s a big one. It doesn’t matter what theme you choose, just make it a good one that the bride will love, and the guests will enjoy. There are hundreds, if not thousands, to choose from, so don’t hesitate to hunt for the perfect motif.

If the bride-to-be enjoys tarot readings or astrology, hire a fortune teller for the night. Add some mood lighting, drapes of fabric and mysterious scents to create a fun atmosphere. You can also choose a movie or series theme, like Friends or Sex and the City.

Other fun theme ideas include low-key sleepovers, glamping or even simple game nights. Whatever you decide to go with, remember, the key is to have fun.

Add an outfit: Now, if you’re going to have a blowout, you’ll need bachelorette party outfit themes. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure that everyone’s on the same page and dresses up to match the chosen motif.

Ensure that you’ve added the dress requirement on the invitations so that no one arrives in the wrong outfit. Not only will it look odd in any photos, but the odd person out won’t enjoy the party quite as much, either.

Final Word

Whether you choose to have your bachelorette party at home or a venue, themed or simple, just remember to have fun. It’s another milestone on your journey to the altar, so savour every moment.

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