Flowers, Photos And Fizz – Adding Touches Of Luxury To Your Wedding

We’re guessing you’ve already started creating your wedding binder for your big day. And you probably have a stack of dedicated boards on your Pinterest account and are already planning your guest list. So today we’re going to concentrate on some of the other elements of your wedding that will add luxury touches to your special day. Of course, flowers, photography, and fizz will never be overlooked. But today we’re going to give you some ideas for unique ways to include them in your wedding to add an extra splash of pizzazz.

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You’ll want to include flowers in your decoration for both the ceremony and venue. And you will also need flowers for your bridesmaids, groom, groomsmen and own bouquet. But what are some ways you can really make your flower choices special? Have you thought about asking your Mom what flowers she had in her bouquet on her own wedding day? If your parents are still together, and you’re close to your Mom it’s a lovely tribute to include the same flowers in your own bouquet.  Think also about flowers that exude a beautiful fragrance. Stocks, gardenia and Stargazer lilies smell divine. But always be sure to include other flowers with subtle scents too as you don’t want the aroma to be overpowering. Avoid heavily scented flowers in your bouquet incase they make you sneeze but be sure to include them for decoration instead. If you want classic luxury for your wedding, choose an all white or all red theme of sumptuous roses. The rose has long a symbol of love and beauty in books and fairytales. If you want something eye catching and lavish, go for pretty in pink peonies. They look great as centerpieces, decoration and in bouquets. And if you are looking for a unique and elegant bouquet consider the Calla Lily in either a deep purple or beautiful ivory. 

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Top of the list of worries about your wedding day is how your photographs are going to turn out. You want to immortalize your big day into memories you can treasure forever. So always devote a period to time to researching the best wedding photographer for the type of images you want to achieve. If you choose an expert in the field, you’ll have the reassurance of professionalism, creativity, professional wedding photo editing and great shots. Make sure they know if you would like sentimental photographs too, such as jewelry shots, or close ups of your shoes. Look at portfolios of real weddings to get inspiration and spend time thinking about the style you would like too. Fun, romantic, whimsical, fine art, edgy, portrait? And also think about the light. If you are having a winter wedding is it going to get dark early? Does the venue let in a lot of natural light? Do you want lots of outdoor shots? Are you keen to have as many candid and informal photos as possible? Ask lots of questions but also listen to your photographer’s ideas. After all, they have been doing this a long time!

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The catering budget is often the one that soars the most when you are planning your wedding. Champagne is an important part of the day for toasts, pre-dinner celebrations, and the table as well. For a unique touch why not include bottles of wine on the table from the year you and your partner first met? Prosecco is also a great choice for the welcome drink, although be sure to do tastings before ordering. If you’re buying Champagne, choose a good year, as again, quality can vary. If you can blow the budget, a Champagne fountain will add lots of sparkle to your wedding event. And if you really love your bubbles, how about considering an authentic wedding venue in Champagne, France itself?! The charming town of Epernay in France is home to some of the most famous Champagne houses in the world, including Moet, Perrier-Jouet, and Chandon. Now there’s a luxury touch!

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