How to find a cheap wedding venue!

Struggling to find a cheap wedding venue?

how to find a cheap wedding venueThe average wedding in the United States costs well over $20,000, and for many, that’s far beyond a standard budget. One of the biggest expenses is a venue, so lets look at some ways to find a cheap wedding venue.

Consider your date.

If you’re able to hold your special day on any other day than Saturday, you’ll save a lot of money! June is also the most expensive month–go off season!

Keep your guest list tight.

It’s easy to lengthen your guest list, but try shortening it! Start by trying to reduce your list by 20%. Then repeat. A smaller wedding will open up more affordable venues.


Time to bring out your haggling skills! Consider offering to pay your venue up front in exchange for a discount. Many small venues will appreciate the cash.

Get creative.

Consider a location that isn’t typically rented out for weddings. They might be more open to your budget. Offer to share you wedding photos after so they can promote their venue to future brides!

Having a destination wedding?

If so, consider it for a honeymoon location as well!