Final Wedding Details That Are Too Important To Forget

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Even the most organised of brides can find it difficult to keep on top of their wedding day plans. With so many elements coming together at once, some details are bound to slip through the cracks. But, while forgetting some minor details won’t cause much impact, others can put your big day in jeopardy. Use this list of important final wedding details that you should prioritise to make your wedding day a roaring success.

Confirm your accommodation

Not confirming your accommodation beforehand could put a real downer on your big day. Not only for you but for your guests too. The last thing you want is to have to find last-minute accommodation for everyone after your wedding is over. Contact your accommodation in the week leading up to your wedding day to confirm your booking. You should also check that the guests who are planning on staying in the same establishment have reservations too. In addition to this, you need to organise transportation from your venue to the hotel after the reception is over.


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Prepare a shot-list

This is a list that you will give to your photographer on the day of your wedding. This should include which guests should be prioritised for group photographs, location shots and poses you want to try. This will help your photographer no end and give you the beautiful photographs you desire. Brainstorm some ideas with your partner and look online to see what other couples have done. Make your list as detailed as possible and ask a trusted friend to assist the photographer throughout.

Update your wedding website

Many couples create wedding day websites that feature vital information that their guests can refer to. It can include weather forecasts, maps, itineraries and more. But this is pointless if the website is not kept up to date. If you have to slightly alter some of your wedding plans a week before, your website can relay the information quickly. This will keep your guests in the loop and stop anyone from getting lost or arriving at the wrong place or time. So take the time in the days before to check and make sure your website is functioning correctly and is up to date.


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Get your wedding licence

One of the most important last minute wedding details you need to remember is getting your wedding licence. Without it, your wedding ceremony cannot take place. These are often available from City Hall, but this will vary depending on where you intend to get married. The designated time you have to use your licence will also vary. Getting your licence a week before the day of the wedding a good rule of thumb and give enough time for it to be signed and checked. Remember that you both need to take identification and other vital paperwork with you to avoid delays.

Add these items to the top of your to-do list and ask your friends and family to help you. No bride wants to be calling suppliers or making arrangements on the morning of her big day. So ask for help and have these details arranged in advance so you can relax and enjoy your wedding more.

Submitted by Scarlett Martin