Fantastic Food For Your Themed Wedding: Ideas & Inspiration

Whether you’ve chosen a vintage wedding or a Mexican themed day, it’s essential that the food matches your theme. After spending months planning all the small details of your big day, the last thing you want is the food spoiling that. The good news is that whatever your theme, there is a catering option that’s suitable for it. It’s just a case of getting creative and coming up with the perfect idea. Here are some catering ideas for a selection of popular wedding themes.

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The great outdoors

Be it a beach wedding or a wedding atop a hill, if your wedding is set to be an outdoor affair, your food needs to match. For a beach wedding, seafood is a must, but what else can you include? How about opting for traditional foods you would find in a seaside cafe with an elegant twist? For dessert, ice cream could be a fantastic option. For an outdoor wedding that’s not beach themed, the best option is a cookout. There are plenty of wedding catering companies that offer grill themed foods, so have a look into these.

Mexican or Spanish theme

For a Mexican or Spanish themed wedding, it’s all about the spice. How about serving a mixture of tapas dishes, tacos, and burritos to your guests? Or what about offering nachos, antipasti and a selection of seafood dishes? There are lots of companies that can offer Mexican or Spanish themed food; it’s just a case of finding them. You could also tie the drinks into the theme by serving sangria and a selection of cocktails inspired by your theme country.

Elegance and glamor

If you’ve opted for a wedding that’s themed all around elegance and glamor, then you might be unsure about what catering option to go for. Your best bet is probably to go down the route of a formal sit down meal or canapes. Both of these options can work well; it’s just a case of working out what suits your budget. A sit-down meal of salmon, chicken or steak tends to be a good option. However, it can be costly, which is why a lot of people opt for canapes and champagne instead.

Country wedding

For a country themed wedding, you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to what food to serve. The most popular, however, is grilled food, such as steaks, kebabs, and a selection of other meats. Another option is having a hog or ram roast, and serving it with buns, roasted vegetables and a selection of potato dishes and dips. This is a great option if you’re not worried about your wedding breakfast being formal. Plus, it’s delicious, affordable, and there’s sure to be plenty left over.

Getting the food that you serve at your wedding right is important, regardless of your wedding theme. However, if you’re planning a themed wedding, it’s essential that your food matches the theme. Sites like Pinterest are fantastic for finding inspiration for this, so take your time and do you research, and you can get your food spot on.
Submitted by Beth Mahoney